Skin Care


No one likes growing old, but it is something that we have to contend with. As we grow older one of the most common signs of aging comes from our skin. It starts to get wrinkly and dry. Taking care of our skin alone can make us look much younger and here are seven tips and tricks you can do for better skin care.

Build up optimal skin protection

Now the mature skin must be particularly protected from further harmful influences. The best defence is a good attack – what applies to the art of war also applies to the fight for one’s own skin. The skin must now be proactively protected. This includes:

  • Cleanse the skin daily with a gentle cleansing cream
  • Apply moisturizer to skin after cleansing
  • Protect skin from harmful sun and wear a hat
  • Even people with darker skin should not do without sun protection
  • Even if more melanin builds up in the skin, it won’t be enough to avert the sun damage
  • Sun protection creams should have a sun protection factor of at least 15.

Stimulate and stimulate the skin

The tired skin has to be brought up to speed with a few “gymnastic exercises”. Regularly remove dead skin particles from the upper layers of the skin with gentle peeling soaps. The effect is amazing – with regular use, the skin quickly looks younger and fresher. The peeling products should definitely contain small grain sizes and be on a natural basis. Papaya or apricot seeds are recommended. The skin is stimulated, smoothed and the blood circulation on the surface of the skin stimulated.

Choose skin care creams with vitamins

Mature skin needs rich, moisturizing care. Choose facial creams with valuable ingredients such as retinol and vitamins. Liposomes are important in stopping skin aging. You should also choose products with herbal substances and avoid additives such as mineral oil, alcohol and parabens. Creams with evening primrose oil contain many liposomes and the valuable skin care vitamins A and E. 

Face creams with thermal water are also good for aging skin, as they contain important minerals. If the product still contains precious vegetable oils such as argan oil, rose oil or avocado oil, the cream is particularly suitable for the care of mature skin. If you don’t feel comfortable with creams then use herbal products like Kewra water (flower water) or Aloe Vera extract. They are tried and tested products. Kewra water uses minerals naturally found in the plants from which it is extracted and we know nature has a lot to offer us in a healthy way. 

Facial sauna and contrast baths

Since the natural blood flow to the skin slows down with age, it helps to re-oxygenate the skin by going to the sauna and facial baths. This stimulates skin renewal and moisture storage. In addition, the facial sauna provides a relaxing break from everyday life. The skin thanks you visibly: every three days the skin is stimulated with approx. 40 ° C warm water vapor for about 5 to 10 minutes. After the treatment, clean with cold water to close the pores and stimulate blood circulation. If you don’t want to buy a device for the facial sauna, you can also take a simple steam bath with a bowl and cloth to cover it. Refreshing herbs and flowers can also be added to the hot water. After treatment, gently dry the face and apply a moisturizing cream after 5 minutes.

Drink water and keep it hydrated

Drinking enough water regularly is now particularly important for the regeneration and cleansing of the body. Water combats the aging process that results from a careless lifestyle. If possible, use Hunk water instead of normal natural water as it may contain contaminants. Hunk water is not costly, know hunk water price and other features from healthcare Solutions.  Bad nutrition and insufficient care lead to the build-up of toxic and harmful substances in the skin. The most effective way to get rid of toxins quickly is to flush them out with water. The amount depends on the body weight. At 50 kg, 2 liters are sufficient, for 75 kg 2.5 liters and from 80 kg it should be 3 liters.

Protect from the sun

The harmful rays of the sun damage mature skin quickly because it lacks natural moisture protection and the fatty tissue is reduced. It is essential to wear hats in strong sunlight and apply a valuable sun protection cream with a moisturizer. A cream with a sun protection factor of at least 15 should be applied to the face. Particularly protect the eye area, neck and temples.

Drink green tea

Green tea is the ideal skin protectant. The polyphenols (antioxidants) contained in tea prevent skin damage from harmful UV-A solar radiation. Green tea also helps revitalize dead skin cells. In addition, there is sufficient vitamin C in green tea, which acts as an antioxidant and protects against unhealthy environmental factors. Green tea is a miracle cure, especially for mature skin, because it also reduces the formation of wrinkles. Drink one or two cups a day in the morning. However, if the stimulating tea is only drunk in the afternoon, it could lead to problems falling asleep.

By saif