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Rugs woven from natural fibres are becoming more fashionable, which has led to an increase in demand from the flooring and interior design sectors. It’s no surprise that eco-friendly products are growing in popularity given the current emphasis on long-term viability and environmental consciousness. Most people’s minds immediately go to bamboo or cork when they consider eco-friendly flooring options. However, we think that individuals should also check out natural carpets and rugs manufactured from plant fibres. If you’re not aware with the various benefits of natural fibre carpets, like as seagrass, we’ll explain why it would be a wonderful option for your house. Both of our New York stores have seagrass.


The fact that seagrass has a little impact on its setting is one of its most notable advantages. Seagrass is grown in China in both rice fields and wetlands. Seawater will now be poured over these fields, which are quite similar to rice paddies, to create a massive flood. After the seagrass reeds have been harvested and dried in the sun, the fibres are spun into yarn to be utilised in the manufacture of textiles like as rugs and carpets. Unlike the industrial process, which relies heavily on the usage of fossil fuels and culminates in the manufacture of synthetic materials like polypropylene or nylon, this natural method has a very low carbon footprint and works with the planet rather than against it. 

This organic procedure is incredibly kind on the environment and helps rather than hurts the planet. In addition, seagrass is biodegradable, so after it has served its function as your carpet, it may be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill, where it would linger for all of eternity. Since seagrass is very insulating, it may help you save money on your energy bill while also lessening your personal impact on the environment. This is the final positive impact on the planet.

Functionality and good looks

Floorspace Seagrass Rug is useful in many ways, both for the environment and around the home. Seagrass and other natural fibre carpets have a contemporary and chic appeal, and their neutral appearance means they can complement a wide range of interior design aesthetics, from classic to contemporary. Rugs made from natural fibres like seagrass are widely available in department stores, online, and specialist shops. 

Submersion in saltwater gives seagrass a bluish-green tint, but the grass eventually ages to a stunning brown and khaki colour. Flooring produced from seagrass is a great alternative for bedrooms since it is softer than flooring made from other natural fibres and is quite pleasant to walk on. It lasts a very long time and doesn’t absorb moisture or stains because of its non-porous nature.

There Are Additional Advantages to Think About

Seagrass may also be associated with other positive attributes. We’ve established that it has excellent insulating capabilities, so not only will it cut down on your monthly energy costs but also on the noise level in your home. Many people wrongly believe that eco-friendly flooring must be quite expensive, however this is not the case. Seagrass is an excellent option to consider if you want a natural fibre that won’t break the budget, since it is often less expensive than more common competitors like sisal and jute. Seagrass is not only useful for individuals with allergies but also for those with asthma since it is antimicrobial and resistant to dirt and dust.

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