Smart TVs based on the Google multimedia platform can be used not only for entertainment but also for solving much more serious problems. This is confirmed by our selection of software that allows you to get the most out of Smart TV devices.

We continue the cycle of materials devoted to the review of interesting software products for various operating systems. Today we are focusing on the Android TV platform – the basis of many modern “smart” TVs and multimedia set-top boxes, the full potential of which can be unleashed using the software solutions listed below (all of them are available for download in the Google Play store).

VLC for Android

Popular among connoisseurs of free software, the player is famous for its omnivorous and versatile. In addition to the ability to find a common language with a huge number of data formats (MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV, AAC, and other media files are supported), the program is distinguished by the ability to work with subtitles, streaming audio/video, and local resources. networks. The player has a built-in equalizer, and the developers claim that it supports picture-in-picture and has convenient tools for organizing multimedia content by album, artist, genre, or other metadata.


Doctor Web’s anti-virus solution that protects Smart TVs from digital threats. Using Dr.Web for Android TV, you can check your device for malicious software, configure a firewall to protect against unauthorized access from outside and prevent leakage of important data over the network, and also diagnose smart TV security. The scanner built into the application can detect dangerous “holes” in the Android TV operating system that negatively affect the security of system settings, as well as software products that use administrator rights and the Fake ID vulnerability.

Pixel Fixer

Utility to repair defective pixels on a TV LCD display. The program performs high-speed rendering of multi-colored shapes and, due to the fast cyclic switching of the colors of each pixel, is able to bring the matrix to its original state. Judging by the feedback from users, Pixel Fixer indeed in some cases, after 20-30 minutes of continuous operation, restores “broken” and “frozen” pixels. For especially advanced options, the developers recommend leaving the application turned on for at least 5 hours.

Android TV Remote Control

A proprietary Google application that allows you to use any smartphone or tablet based on Android version 4.0 and higher as a Smart TV remote control. To do this, you just need to synchronize both devices via Bluetooth or connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. The application allows you to control your TV using a four-position digital joystick (D-pad) or a touch panel, supplemented by a modest set of function keys. Tools for voice search and text input from the virtual keyboard of the mobile gadget are available.

X-plore File Manager

An advanced file manager, implemented in a classic two-panel interface and leaving behind many similar software products in terms of a set of functions. X-plore File Manager supports FTP, SMB, DLNA, SSH, WebDAV, Bluetooth, is “friendly” with zipping, Rar, 7zip archives, can create encrypted folders and display the content of PDF documents, and is also integrated with popular cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon, Mail.ru Clouds, OneDrive, Yandex. Disk, MediaFire, and others. In addition, the application has its own audio/video player, image viewer, text file editor, and other useful tools.


A utility for diagnosing and displaying system information about an Android TV device. The program allows you to get detailed information about the hardware component of Smart TV, its technical characteristics, installed software, manufacturers of various components. With the help of AIDA64, you can determine the model of the processor used in the depths of the smart TV and see its specification (clock frequency, cache, number of cores, and so on), find out the amount of available RAM, get information about the network subsystem and other information – up to those installed in OS codecs and software products.


A popular VPN client that allows you to quickly establish a secure data transmission channel for web surfing and viewing multimedia content. The program provides access to more than 5 thousand VPN servers in more than 60 countries, supports P2P and DoubleVPN technologies, is able to broadcast traffic through the Tor anonymous network, block ads and solve other problems. It is important to remember that working with NordVPN requires a subscription, the cost of which starts at $ 3.5 per month. VPN service is free for the first 7 days only.

YouTube Kids

A client application for the YouTube video service that allows you to access an impressive collection of educational and entertainment videos designed for children of a certain age. With the help of the program, it will not be difficult for younger users to find popular animated series (Barboskiny, Fixiki, Peppa Pig, Masha, and the Bear, The Adventures of Luntik and His Friends, and others), developing videos of Russian and foreign bloggers (Kapuki Kanuki, Kukutiki, and others), as well as a variety of family, children’s and educational content.
YouTube Kids features a simple interface designed specifically for young viewers of different ages and a strict multimedia content filtering system that limits access to unwanted videos and protects against spam and links that lead to resources not recommended for children. It is also important that the program has parental control functions, with which you can configure the search parameters for YouTube videos, change the sound settings, limit the time during which the child can watch videos, set a password and close access to the settings and other information in the application. …

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