A famous saying goes: ‘’ a picture is worth 1000 words.’’ Maybe this saying has found the greatest relevance with commercialism_ all brands want to sell, sell, and sell but the question is how do they connect to customers? How do they tell people that they exist, and they are the ones who can best serve their interests? The answer lies in the saying above i.e. the packaging and presentation of the product weigh much more than the brand’s promises. Packaging is the voice of the company, so here its importance intensifies to an all-in-all level, as it is the only medium through which a brand communicates. Thus, it is the need of the hour for every business to enrich its product with creativity, and clarity because as beauty pops their eye, clarity helps them make an informed decision

 Importance of Packaging in Beverages industry

The Drinks & Beverages industry is the world of colors, and flavors. They signify refreshment, energy, and vitality. This is the reason why an appealing and energetic packaging is so important for them. Before that, a retailer has to see how well flavor varieties line up and look together because consumers prefer flavor or type rather than brand and, accordingly retailers shelve it by flavor too. To elevate the status of your drink packaging and make it a tell-tale sign of the wonderful flavor and energy boost, you need functional and expressive beverage packaging design. Creatively designed Custom beverage boxes can excite the customers for the sip of your drink.

Benefits of Custom Beverage boxes

Protection to fragile glass bottles

Custom Beverage Packaging boxes utilize ultra-strength boxing material like cardboard, laminated cardboard, cardstock, etc, which guarantee a strong and secure outer covering and form an effective barrier against external forces for fragile wine glass bottles or cartons tea boxes, in case they fall accidentally. They also increase the shelf life of the drinks because the sturdy and durable outer packaging blocks the way of moisture, humidity, heat, light, dirt, and dust, etc, which can molest the quality of the Drinks & Beverages. These custom boxes also facilitate the convenient portability of fragile drink bottles because of the enhanced protection offered by Kraft Paper as compared to carton material.

Cost-benefit Analysis

A common misconception prevails among the major brands that ready-made boxes cost less than custom printed boxes. If we do the cost-benefit comparison for both these boxes, ready-made boxes have a higher cost-over-benefit ratio as compared to custom boxes. Later one input more to your business, then they cost you. The reason behind this lies in the fact that they are not just a packaging medium, but a platform for you to convey your voice to the consumers, and how you do this is through customizing the box’s visual elements to include all the necessary features and details of your brand and its story. Thereby you can achieve customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships when the item in the box looks enchanting and compliments the items packaged inside.

Branding with the help of flavor themes

Product differentiation is the basis of your branding or marketing campaign. Branding requires you to promote your brand or stand it out as “something different”, and this requires a lot of innovation, creativity, and marketing skills. To differentiate your beverages brand, a knack branding tip is to allot a unique color and design theme to every drink item according to its class and strength of its taste. For example, you can design a royal purplish or maroon color container rippling with whimsical curves and a tall, sleek design with an elegant golden logo to your Pinot noir, or Chardonnay bottle. Similarly, if you are manufacturing tea and coffee boxes, you need to use soft and light color themes for teas and dark ones for coffees. Another game-changer in this regard is “labeling” _ A well-designed label with bold colors boosts the perception of quality, class, and desirability of your offering because a bottle is just a “glass” ; it’s your labeling that speaks out.

Eco-conscious Packaging

Consumer trend is shifting towards sustainable packaging choices and therefore, you can employ this trend for your branding.Sustainable beverage packaging, that is easy to recycle is not only the need of the day but a way to stand out in the eyes of the community. Eco-friendly bottle labels made up of bio-plastics are also a win for wine, or beverage sellers.

Shine out with alternative packaging ideas

It is human nature that everything away from the normal and accepted draws our attention. Why not deviate away from tradition when it comes to wine packaging! We know that the only requisite for wine packaging is a tight seal, so anything with a tight seal can be used. Boxed wines and single-serve cans not only perfectly fulfill this condition but they are some “other” options to enjoy the wine and safer ones too because if you accidentally drop them down, you don’t have those millions of tiny and messy pieces everywhere.

Helps you connect with your target audience

Regardless of anything you sell, it is damn important to first know about your market segment, your possible audience, and their taste. If your target audience is the young generation, you have to focus more on colorful, and whimsical packaging but if you are targeting middle-aged people and mid-career professionals for marketing, you should keep your packaging sober and classic.

Bottom line

Beverages are recognized not by brand name but by their individual flavors. They are another name of refreshment, energy, and if they cost more, they are a symbol of status and fashion too. Therefore, they require to be represented with the same zeal and splendor.

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