Although there are many types of cosmetics products in the market, the one that you are going to find in the handbag of almost all women is lipstick. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a party or getting ready for attending an office meeting, the right shades of lipstick can always spruce up your look. And the best thing about lipsticks is they can go along with any type of outfit. 

But do you know that your lipstick selection should keep on evolving with your age? And if it’s been a while since you changed your lipstick shade and if your current lipstick choices aren’t working out then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some common lipstick mistakes that can make you look older. 

Using lipsticks that are too bright or light 

Bold colors of lipsticks can look quite amazing but you should always be careful while experimenting with the intense shades as in many cases, they can ruin your entire look. With age, our lips start getting thinner and on such lips, a darker shade of lipstick can make the lip look thinner. 

If you don’t belong to the young age category then you should stick with light shades of lipsticks like pink and corals as they make your lips look younger. So, while choosing an ideal shade of lipstick, never choose anything too light or too dark as they draw unwanted attention.

Skipping lip liner 

If you are really interested in making your lips look younger then you must use a lip liner as even the makeup experts suggest the same. One of the best things about lip liner is it servers a wide array of functions. It can stop the bleeding and spread of lip color all around the mouth and it can also enhance any lipstick shade. 

But you should always choose only those lip liners that are one shade darker than your lipstick as this will help the lips to look plumper. If you are new to the world of lip liner then you should always focus on blending the lip liner with the lipstick by using a simple brush or just your fingers. 

You can also try to fill your lips with lip liner before applying the lipstick as this improves the longevity of the best long lasting lipstick. But always be careful about the type of shade you choose for your lip liner. 

Selecting the wrong finish 

Just like foundation and eyeshadows, the shade of lipstick you choose should play a crucial role in your overall look and appearance. Nowadays, matte lipsticks have become mainstream and most women choose them without any second thoughts but they can turn out to be very dry and can also make your lip look older. So, instead of sticking with matte lipstick just because of the trend, you should start looking for other options of the best long lasting lipstick. 

A creamy lipstick can be a great choice and can act as the best replacement for matter lipstick since they offer both an amazing look and nourishment to the lips. Creamy lipsticks are perfect for dry lips but even if you have normal lips, you can switch to creamy lipstick and notice the difference. 

The type of lipstick you choose can have a huge effect on how your face looks. From the shade of the lipstick to its nourishing properties, everything should be kept in mind while buying the best lipstick from the market. Just avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and choose the best long lasting lipstick from the local shop or from the online platform.

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