Some Home Android Troubleshooting Methods to ConsiderSome Home Android Troubleshooting Methods to Consider


The truth is that as “magic” as they may occasionally appear, our glossy and shiny smartphones are ultimately electronic. And more often than not, the problems most people have with their phones do not change. That means that even if you are solving your device problem or trying to help a struggling colleague, chances are your problem can be solved without much hassle. 

Think of it as your guide – a collection of some of the most common complaints we hear about Android phones and the simple solutions we suggest in those situations. Apply the information to your sick device or pass it on to someone else who needs it, and you, too, can find the joy of feeling like a mobile technician (with or without covers).

Android problem No. 1: Low storage

Ah, yes – an old problem of limited space. When you see phone storage begin to decline, just remember this enticing little saying: “Stop packing things, you uncontrollable digital packrat.” (Okay, so it probably wasn’t as catchy as we had hoped.) However, in all honesty, most of us do not really need much-stored space on our smartphones repair these days – especially on Android, where cloud synchronization is easy and automated management is easy. 

Start by installing the Google Photos app and edit it to back up all photos and videos as they are taken. That will allow you to delete local copies (and have a great way to get all your memories from any device, anytime, or lose or break your current Android phone), and that alone will release tons. Second, install the Files by Google app. 

It will show you all the unnecessary spacecraft hidden in your phone’s storage area – including those now obsolete local copies of synced photos and blank files, duplicate files, and other easily deleted items – and will give you an easy look. one-tap buttons to clear any of that mud. The Files by Google app identifies areas where you can free up space and gives you an easy ‘n’ way to get rid of unwanted stuff.

Android problem No. 2: Subpar stamina

We can talk about Android battery life all day, but the fastest way to make a quick difference in your phone’s long life is to adjust your screen settings. First, turn off the screen brightness (either in the Quick Settings panel that appears when you double-tap from the top of your screen or in the display settings section of your system). The display burns more power than anything else on your device, and if you are on the ground you can use it comfortably, your phone will take longer for each charge. If your phone is running Android 9 or higher, you can also check the flexibility option that will automatically adjust your light level based on your current location.

Second, set your “end of screen” setting (also in the display settings section of your system) to a value that you can tolerate. The less time your screen stays open when you are not using it, the more battery power you need and your phone will burn. Third, if you have Android 10 or higher, look in the settings of your Black Theme option. Dark colors tend to use less energy than the bright spots available in most places automatically, so switching to Black Theme all the time or just in the sunset and sunset program should extend your phone battery slightly.

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Android problem No. 3: Too much bloatware

Unless you are using Google Pixel phones, your Android device will probably come in with a lot of junk you want – from over-the-counter services provided by the manufacturer (hey, Samsung!) To crapola added by a carrier (to use a high-tech name.). But do not be afraid, for much of that may be hidden from view, if not completely eliminated. 

An easy way to do that is to look in the Apps section of your system for a complete list of installed applications. If you see an application you do not want, tap its name and look for the Uninstall button – or, if not, the Disable command. You may not be able to delete everything that way (Bixby page …), but you will be able to clear the correct amount of clutter. 

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Explained above are some of the at-home Android troubleshooting methods that you can consider. By following these easy steps, you will not face any kind of problem.

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