When you decide to send flower gift basket, you have landed on the best gifting idea that can help create the best impact on the recipients. Floral gifts heighten the effect you wish to achieve through the mission of gifting people. When our experience about flower and gift delivery grow and evolve, we develop a lot of new ideas that eventually become the trend followed by the masses. Customizing your floral gift can help achieve several ends at once. Customization makes it possible to make your gift a unique one that will stand outto create the best effect in the recipients. Here are a few interesting ideas to customize your flower gift basket.

Gifts for love
When you wish to gift your love life partner, you can choose from classic red roses or pink peonies. One another good option can be a bohemian arrangement succulents, dried flowers or ranunculus. Especially when you are trying to choose the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, it is a smart move to start well in advance and order in time so that you have the best chances of getting what you want before the stock dwindles with the florist due to heavy demand around this time.

Gift potted flowers
A new trend getting popular among people is to send potted flowers that can be grown in their home in the same pot. This is the perfect way to make sure your gifts lasts for so long after the occasion. This gives a chance for the recipients to nurture the plant and take care of it. Every time they see the plant, they are most likely to remember you too.

Chic and modern arrangements
Making the bouquet is a grand art. The real skill of the florist lies in an artistic and thoughtful arrangement of flowers. It is possible to include a wide range of luxurious flowers into the bouquet to create a big impact. Let the florist create a super bowl of flowers for the recipient that will stand out from the rest of the gifts they received. These days, some renowned florists are putting in a lot of efforts into flower delivery. The exceptional artistry that goes into flower gift baskets is amazing.

Putting in some innovation and variety
One of the great ideas for customizing your flower basket is to implement some traditional arrangement. Think of including ruby roses, red roses, blue irises and purple statice. For a small additional fee, you can also think of adding some chocolate treats and teddy bears. Featuring pink roses and white blooms together in a bouquet is also a great idea.

Preserved roses
One of the new concepts growing amidst flower delivery services is preserved roses. This concept is attempted in boxes with the roses stuffed to their brim tightly with preserved roses. In most cases, these roses can be preserved for up to three years. The boxes can also be customized in terms of color, accents and also some small content printed on these boxes.

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