It is not rocket science to create a good landing page. In order to fulfil the customer’s requirement, creating a good landing page needs to be learnt by you. A page that looks good is not sufficient. We have to go beyond that. For unleashing the page, what steps will you take? Now I am going to tell you some powerful strategies for high converting landing pages.

Some important elements of landing page

1. An attractive headline – The understanding, attention and interest need to be present in the headline. It has to attract the visitors towards it. The services or products that you offer need to be present in the headline. A short headline looks good. Use 10 or less than 10 words in a headline.

2. Convincing subheads – The purpose of headline is to attract the visitors and the purpose of sub headline is to keep him on the page. Generally, below the main headline, positioning of the persuasive headline is done. Some persuasive elements need to be present in the sub headline.

3. Using pictures – For good working of the landing pages, an essential component is the visual content. It is necessary to use large pictures. The pictures need to be related to the service or product that you offer. Always use a high-quality picture.

4. Clear explanation – Everything offered by you needs to be explained clearly on the page. If your services or products are not understood by the potential customers then they may not take interest in these. Therefore, it is crucial to put a straightforward explanation. Either your headline can have the explanation or you can use it separately. Always use a benefit-oriented explanation.

5. Customer’s pain points – It is necessary that your services and products remove the problems of the customers. The chances of conversion will increase if the customers will take interest in the services and items that you offer so as to resolve their problems.

6. Customer’s pleasure – Everyone takes interest in getting pleasure. Now for including this in your page, you can do two things:

  • Make the customers feel that your services or items will give them pleasure also.
  • The items need to fulfil the emotional needs of the customers too.

7. Ways to contact the customers – You can include a contact form, an email address, a physical address or phone number in your page so as to contact the customers. But before adding the contact information you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • Show the customers that your company is real.
  • It can be helpful to use a popup that features live chat.

8. A guarantee to the customers – If you will offer guarantee to the customers then they will definitely like it. The chances of conversions increase with this. But while doing this you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • There are many forms of guarantees. As per the type of your business pick a suitable guarantee and present it on the page.
  • Suppose you can’t provide explicit product guarantee, then in this case you need to provide a guarantee in which there will be no spam.
  • It will be good that near CTA you place the statement of your guarantee.

9. A clear call to action – A call to action is a very important element of this page which can convert the customers. While including the CTAs in your page keep in mind the following things:

  • Always use bigger CTAs.
  • Creating a compelling copy will be a good idea.
  • The color of the CTA needs to be contrasting.

Build a high converting landing page by using following tips:

1. Pick a landing page builder that is the best – As per your skill level, your goals and your company you have to choose your landing page builder. If you don’t want to put much effort into placing elements then you can use drag and drop builder.

2. Always keep the things simple – Filling your landing page with too much information will not be a good idea. Use a fairly clean design and very nice colors. Have a simple landing page design.

3. Display a social proof to the people – Your company may be having several tweets, pins, subscribers, shares and likes. These are known as the social proofs. Displaying these on the page will be a good idea. The online recommendations will make more and more people purchase from your company.

4. Avoid using navigational elements – If only one page contains all the essential elements of design then it is known as the best landing page. So, if the visitors move from this page to another page then there are chances of losing the visitors.

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