When you work tirelessly by sitting at one position in front of your screens, you can encounter facing spine problems eventually. After the beginning of the Covid 19, the spine related problems have aggravated to a large extent since most of the population is now confined to their homes.

With fewer chances of physical exercising been followed regularly by people, these health issues related to spines have increased.  You can often face spine related problems like cervical pain, lower back pain, etc. if you ignore the graveness of sitting in the right posture. You can reach out to Cirujano de columna en miami online by going through different websites and reading customer reviews. You will come to know about the role of a spine surgeon and the need to consult spine surgeons further below.

Role Of A Spine Surgeon

Your spine can be treated without any surgery or medicines if you don’t face any critical spine-related issues. In case of serious issues, it is recommended to consult a spine surgeon to treat your joints, neck pain, etc. There are basically two types of spine surgeons, which are

  • Orthopaedic spine surgeons- These surgeons usually deal in solving medical issues related to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, body’s bones, etc. The responsibilities of these surgeons include diagnosing, accessing, and giving treatment to patients having spine-related conditions and injuries that include
  1. Neck pain
  2. Scoliosis
  3. Herniated discs
  4. Spinal deformities
  5. Vertebral fractures
  6. Spinal stenosis
  7. Spinal cord compression
  8. Spondylolysis
  • Neurosurgeons- Besides dealing with the treatment of spinal injuries, a few of the neurological disorders that a neurosurgeon treats are
  1. Epilepsy
  2. Brain tumour
  3. Parkinson’s disease
  4. Brain aneurysm

Need For Consulting A Spine Surgeon

Spine surgeons fall under the category of orthopaedic specialists whose primary focus is on issues that pertain to the spine. A few of the body symptoms to keep into account before consulting a spine specialist are

  • Leg pain- You can experience numbness in your feet or legs besides your back pain. There is pressure in the nerves of the spine and the weakness in the feet, hips, or legs. In such cases, it is suggested to consult a spine surgeon.
  • Severe pain- In case of mild pain, it may last for a week maximum. If the pain lasts for more than four weeks, then it is assumed to be more than mild pain.  In case of the pain that is chronic or severe, it lasts for more than twelve weeks. To avoid severe pain further, it is advisable to reach out to a spine surgeon.
  • Weight loss- You can face issues related to weight loss that can be a symptom related to having a spine-related problem.
  • Bladder issues- You can suffer from indigestion because of bladder issues. To keep yourself healthy and fit, it is better to reach out to a spine surgeon.
  • Fever- Fever can also be one of the symptoms when you are facing spine-related issues.

Suggestions To Consider When Finding A Spine Specialist

A few of the suggestions to consider when searching for a spine surgeon are

  • The spine surgeon should have the required educational qualifications to become an expert in treating spine-related issues.
  • A spine surgeon should be dedicated enough to spend more than fifty per cent of their practice in treating issues related to the spine.


Besides the suggestions that are mentioned above, it is recommended to go through customer reviews to find the right spine surgeon.

This can help you in getting timely treatment from the right surgeon. Thus, you can keep yourself safe from spine-related issues by consulting a spine surgeon.

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