Introduction of SR621SW Battery

The SR621SW is a silver oxide battery. It needed a small amount of mercury in order to prevent performance degradation and leakage. It could meet the requirement that decreasing the use of environmentally harmful substances in batteries. It could be able to significantly improve leakage resistance and discharge characteristics in low temperatures. It has the characteristics of large electrical capacity and stable voltage. Thus, it is mainly used in wristwatches.


The nominal Voltage is 1.55V

The nominal Capacity is 23mAh 

Standard Discharge Current is 40μA

The operating Temperature Range is from -10 to +60 (deg. C)


Supply Chain

Factory Lead Time – 14 Weeks


Weight – 0.32g


Size / Dimension – 0.27Dia x 0.08 H 6.8mmx2.0mm

Voltage – Rated – 1.55V

Where to Use SR621SW Battery?

The SR621SW battery is general use and is suitable for watches, clocks, cameras, calculators, remote controllers, card radios, digital clinical thermometers, electronic games, measurement equipment, and as well as health appliances. You can find it at both online shops and in stores.

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Watch Battery SR621SW

What is the SR621SW Battery?

Common labels for silver oxide batteries are SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164,364, SG1, and AG1. It has a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts and a cut-off voltage of 1.2 volts. Its voltage will appear in the following two situations with the use of the battery: when the battery is in use, the voltage will drop slightly and remain constant during use. When the battery is fully discharged, the voltage drops sharply and falls below 1.2 volts. At this point, the battery is considered fully discharged. The nominal capacity of the SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364, SG1 batteries, is within the 18-23 mAh range.

SR621SW battery, just like alkaline batteries has a higher capacity, stable/constant operating voltage, and higher cut-off voltage. They also have a longer shelf life and are slightly more costly than other types of batteries. Actual performance will vary depending on temperature, discharge current, and battery load.

Electronic devices such as wristwatches, remote controls, keys, and remote keys use SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364, SG1 equivalents silver-oxide batteries. They aren’t as inexpensive as alkaline batteries but the price difference is negligible. The use of SR621SW and equivalent silver-oxide battery is recommended for children’s toys and other ‘electrical’ devices.


SR621SW Battery, as well as 364, AG1, LR621 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding 364AG1LR621SR621SW, and similar batteries:


What is the SR621SW battery equivalent? What watch battery is equivalent to SR621SW?

Many users may wonder what the equivalent of the SR621SW battery is. The SR621SW is a 6.8×2.1mm silver-oxide battery having a voltage of 1.55V. SR621, SR621W, SR60, 164, 364, SG1 and other respected brands sell silver oxide 1.55V 6.8×2.1mm batteries. For most activities, it can take the place of the SR621SW. The silver-oxide SR621SW battery can be used to replace an alkaline 1.5V 6.8×2.1mm cell in an emergency. However, because to the unpredictable output voltage, it has a reduced battery life and may have difficulties.


Is 377 battery the same as SR621SW?

Absolutely not. 

377 is a silver-oxide 6.8×2.6mm coin cell battery, while SR621SW is a silver-oxide 6.8 x 2.1mm battery.


What size is the SR621SW battery?

The SR621SW is a 6.8 x 2.1 mm silver-oxide battery.


Are 377 and 364 batteries interchangeable? Can I use a 364 battery instead of 377?


Despite having the same chemistry (silver oxide) and relatively similar size, they are not identical. 364 is 6.8×2.1mm in dimension. 377 is 6.8×2.6mm in size. 364 batteries can be inserted in the 377 compartments due to their equal height and diameter. It’s possible that you’ll need to do the opposite at times. However, 364 batteries can be placed in the 377 compartment and contact issues could prevent reliable operation. The 377 battery has a larger capacity, while 364 batteries have a smaller one. Due to the difference in height, 377 batteries may be placed in the compartment for 364 batteries.


What battery is equivalent to 364?

Any silver-oxide 6.8 x 2.1 mm battery from well-respected brands, containing SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, SG1, etc. Batteries from well-respected brands.

About the Manufacturer

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is a globally recognized manufacturer of Micromechatronic products and services, including watch and HDD components, semiconductors, FPD and electronic devices, network solutions systems, nanotechnology equipment, scientific instruments, and large-format inkjet printers. It was founded in 1937. They have created sophisticated micromechatronics and nanotechnology processes to design and produce their goods based on decades of experience in precision equipment manufacturing and low-power consumption technologies.

SR621SW Battery Datasheet

Download the SR621SW Battery Datasheet below:



Watches, clocks, cameras, calculators, remote controls, card radios, digital clinical thermometers, electronic games, measurement equipment, and health appliances can all benefit from the SR621SW battery. It’s available in both online and physical retailers.

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