No matter the size of your home you shouldn’t skimp out on your storage cupboards and needs. As organising guru Marie Kondo says to achieve order with little effort we must “create homes” for our possessions. Enjoy decluttering your home with our easy storage solutions in every room of the house. Smart storage will not only make you feel more organised but also create more space making your home look bigger. 

Utilise Your Wall Space 

You will often find small apartments and homes lack enough closet space, which can make finding a place for your items challenging to say the least. To compensate for the lack of storage you can use a range of hooks you and your family can use along a hallway or by the front door. If you have the space, add cabinets to your wall to clear the floor space which will also make your floors look wider and cleaner. 

Keep Your Storage Hidden 

To keep an open looking area. Invest in multi purpose furniture that comes with secret storage components. Pieces that offer this hidden option include coffee tables, storage benches and even some couches. These pieces are ideal to keep hidden those items you would rather not see. Furniture with unexpected storage solutions can be applied to every room of the house. For the bedroom purchase a bed frame that comes with drawers that pull and stools that provide more than a spot to sit with internal storage space. 

Pull Out Cabinetry 

Pull out cabinetry is a great storage solution for smaller kitchens as they act like a pull out pantry. This can be narrow and will fit in any awkward nooks you may have. These are ideal for storing your cooking essentials, cleaning products or cooking utensils. Purchase some small baskets to fit into your new pull out pantry to keep them organised and allocate everything into a specific basket. 

Maximise Your Window Space 

Big open windows are great however these can often take up important storage space. To maintain the light that your windows bring in while utilising this space, try hanging shelves across the windows to store all of your kitchenware and utensils. This is a storage solution that is also really exisible for when you’re cooking in the kitchen. 

Customise Your Cabinetry 

Utilise your blank walls by creating customised wall to wall or floor to ceiling cabinets. This creates a smart point of difference adding character to your wall. Having this custom solution means you can tailor it to be exactly what you need. To keep your new cabinetry unique add different levels of shelving and mix with vertical and horizontal shelving parts. As these shelves will reduce any space for hanging artworks, display your artwork in the shelving. It will create a more relaxed look while still showing off your favourite pieces. 

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