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With users in billions and business profiles increasing day by day, one can start making money on youtube. Though, with the changed algorithms of youtube, it is not so easy to start earning soon.

However, there are other ways to make money on youtube which are authentic. All it requires is efforts and your dedication towards your work.

In this article, we will talk about the best youtube ideas to make money. Through these ideas you can modify your video content and start earning money. 

  1. Drive traffic to your website through your Youtube channel

The best way to make money on youtube is to link it with your website or other social platforms. It will help you drive traffic on different channels. With the help of Youtube you can increase the target leads and conversion rate too.

You can add those links by using youtube gift cards. Learn to use youtube cards in a better way to utilise it properly. This is considered to be an easy way to make money on youtube. It takes to fulfill youtube requirements in order to make it monetize. However, these steps can help you to earn profit by getting targeted audiences.

  1. Promote and sell products on Youtube

There are many ways to make money on youtube, one of which is creating and selling products. You can either create your own product or sell other branded products. This works like e-shops or e-businesses.

To make this idea work you need to target the suitable audience. It is one of the widest used youtube ideas to make money. Also, to sell other people’s products, you have to become a marketeer. Partner with those brands and get paid by them in commissions or so.

  1. Monetize your account by using Youtube Business Partner facility

Once you have created and uploaded so many videos, it is important to start making money on youtube by them. Enable your channel for monetization and join the Youtube Business Partner facility. This will allow you to earn from the ads youtube plays with your videos.

This is one of the trickiest ways to make money on youtube. It is so because of the different parameters you have to fulfill before this. Youtube chose this algorithm in order to remove the shabby and unorganised accounts. This way only the good channels and content with enough watch hours and subscribers get the chance to grow.

  1. Make tutorials video and share your knowledge

You might have seen that a lot of youtubers put tutorial videos and get famous. With increasing online access for every query, this has become one of the best ways to make money on youtube. 

Also, it is a great opportunity for becoming popular with your talent. If you are a good teacher, cook or choreographer, you can make tutorial videos. You can earn money on youtube by giving paid classes too. These kinds of talent tutorials become trending quickly.

  1. Show your pets and children’s talent 

Another easy way to make money on youtube is to upload cute animals videos. Your kids’ talents and skills can work too. In these videos, you have to be a little more creative. As the viewers easily get attracted by animals doing something or kids making interactive videos. 

You can try voice dub videos with your animals. This way you can make money on youtube as you will be able to fulfill the monetization requirements sooner. Let your kids enact their favourite characters or showcase their talent. 

  1. Post original content and schedule the video timings

Authenticity is really important while posting a video on youtube. Remember, it’s better to go slow then to restart the whole process. You will not be able to make money on youtube if your content gets reported for not being original. Therefore, never let the authenticity die from your videos.

Another important way to make money on youtube is to set the uploading schedule. Make your videos consistent to show your dedication towards your work. Youtube notices these small details, so make sure you do it the right way.

  1. Seek sponsorship or crowdfunding options

If you still have to fulfill the monetization requirements but you are sure of your content, seek sponsorship. Find a business partner who is ready to sponsor your videos or things related to the content. This way you can make money on youtube as money saved is equal to money earned as well as you can buy youtube subscribers for the quick response. 

Another step is to crowdfund your videos for making money from youtube. If your content is good and your audience is loving it, you can use this method.

So, these were the 7 ways to make money on youtube. These ideas can prove to be fruitful until you fulfill the requirements of getting monetized. Once your channel gets enough viewers and watches hours, you can monetize your account and earn more. You can also read The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Business. This will help you in different ways to make money on youtube.

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