Strategist Skills: 5 Secret Habits of a Great Strategist


Every business seeks out the help from the one professional or other to nurture their business. Running a business is not a solo job to do rather it requires a bunch of people having different knowledge and the expertise level.

An entrepreneur has to hire human resources, accountant, executive, IT specialist and not to forget the strategist who brings the uniformity and the line up all the process so that the business runs smoothly. How can other professionals perform the task without having a proper strategy and set of rules?

Analytical Thinking:

A strategist dives deep into the problem and comes with the most optimal solution. They think about the problem from every angle. They collect the information from all the valid sources possible and analyze every bit of information to make the most accurate decision.

They present the facts and figures with logical reasoning and convincing evidence.

Decision-Making ability:

Every professional can make an accurate decision, but the specialist has an eccentric attitude to make the decision that is not only beneficial for the organization but the community as well.

Decision making is an art. In business the outcome is unpredictable. But the right experts can correct the wrong decision as soon as possible. They investigate the root cause of the failure and take the necessary steps to rectify it.

Many global executives like Bradley Fauteux and others understand the importance of having Decision-Making ability. Brad Fauteux is a successful business strategist, innovator and business leader having more than 16 years of experience as a business and management professional with a range of skills and capabilities


Much professional work just for completing the task but this is not the case with the strategist. They work on:

  • Why something has happened?
  • How to solve it?
  • What step needs to be taken?
  • Who will accomplish the task?
  • When is the right time to plan and implement the strategy?

They have the curiosity to find the reason of every happening. Also, they need to be curious about the latest market trends and customer’s changing preferences and tastes.

Without finding the relevant facts and figures about the market, the business will come to the halt.


Transformation is the fundamental rule of every business. In today’s world technology keep changing, new Government rules and regulations are introduced after a while; there is a constant change in the customer’s attitude and behavior.

The professional has to mold themselves in the changing need of the business. Although, they are the ones who take initiative to bring the changes in the organization.

Risk-Taking Ability:

The expert needs to be open-minded and lion-hearted. If they belong to the old school of thought, the organization will go in a reverse direction.

They have to take the steps without the fear of failure. Remember that business is full of opportunities and threats. One day you are making a profit, another day you may suffer the loss.

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