Summer Footwear Trends for Men to Follow in 2022

Summer Footwear Trends


Every season demands a quick wardrobe revamp. This extends to your shoe rack as well. The changes in weather bring a chance to refresh and renew the lifestyle. 

In hot and humid weather like summer certain moderation in dressing is important. However, along with these, some trendy summer footwear rotation is crucial to lay the foundation for amazing summer outfits.

To ensure you have all the bases covered to flaunt when the sun decides to be at its peak, we have enlisted some latest men’s footwear collections for you.

Hope this guide helps you decide on the best men’s shoes to explore in different showrooms.

  • Luxe Espadrilles

No doubt, sandals are one of the most wearable footwear options for males during the summer season. They are great for casual wear or to have a smooth transition from beach to bar or vice versa. 

Though they are preferable, unfortunately, they are not for everyone.Battle these by placing a white absorbent cloth under the stained area. Flush with cold water remove stains from white clothes. Luckily, there’s another equally stylish option to consider: espadrilles.

These resort wear staples are what you need to ooze sophistication to tackle your summer vacation in style– keeping you comfortable, cool, and looking breezy.

Espadrilles are casual men’s footwear that is best worn with shorts and pants. If you wear socks, make sure to consider no-show versions. Up top, shop for polo, linen shirt or camp collar and accessories the overall look with dashing sunglasses. 

  • White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers are worth the hype and selection for different events to attend or even for daily wear.

They serve as the backbone of men’s shoes for summers. They’re versatile,  simple, and stylish. 

These features make them a prime choice among men to style with shorts, T-shirts, cropped dress pants, camp-collar shirts, etc. Furthermore, you can think of this as your default shoe for off-duty days.

  • Knitted Sneakers

Knitted sneakers can be your shining armour and the most practical selection to have lightweight, breathable and ultra-comfy footwear.

This particular shoe has only been on display for a few years which also contributes to its roguishness and demand in the market.

No wonder, it has already mesmerized the wearers and taken the world of fashionable and performance footwear by storm.

If you are looking for solid footgear that is equally hard inside-out of the gym, buy the muted ones offered by various footwear brands in India. 

These sneakers highlight your personality the best when paired with the right set of outfits with contrasting colours and designs.

To name black, grey, and deep shades are some colours with which knitted sneakers team well. Besides, jeans come out to be the most matched legwear to look appealing all day.

  • Leather sandals

A pair of leather sandals offer an excellent choice to stay cool and elegantly put the whole attire together. If you don’t already own leather sandals, now is the time to invest as hot weather sometimes makes shoes unbearable. 

They are open-toe footwear, thus providing extra breathing space for your feet to stay fit. Wear a smart casual style throughout the day by pairing your outfit with leather sandals.


Think of wearing polo shirts or short-sleeve button-ups to go with the flow of summer vibes.

  • Suede Derbies

Suede Derbies are the safest option to wear all year round. However, they are observed to be better suited for the drier part of the year. They can be worn in different settings easily from workdays to weddings and formal meetings. 

Go for summer suits, shorts, casual pants, etc., with suede derbies, and define your style like never before. Even tailored chino shorts can help you look classy in summers, with obviously no-show socks. 

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