The blessed are the ones who enjoy becoming parents. There are many couples who after many years of their marriage could not enjoy parenthood. But they do not leave hope. They go for many other conventional fertility treatments like IVF etc. but when these technologies also fail to deliver, the only alternative to enjoy the blissful echoes of the child in the house is surrogacy. Surprisingly, this is not legal in many countries and the government of that nation does not give permission to its citizens to opt surrogacy. They can go abroad for this alternative where surrogacy has legal authority.

Process of surrogacy

There are many couples across the globe that is deprived of this wonderful feeling in their life. It is impossible for them to have a baby with natural processes. After many futile attempts of trials, prayers and visiting doctors, they opt for surrogacy. We, a team of experts, make impossible things possible for the intended parents and assist them in carrying out the entire procedure under legal clauses.  It is a long and emotional journey in which both the parties need emotional support and empathy to withstand all the adverse situations if they come across. Surrogacy in bangkok does not have any legal permission but the countries where surrogacy has legal authority also go through a legal procedure for this process. Therefore, it is recommended for the couples to go into the details of the legal proceedings for surrogacy. We provide all such clauses to our clients and assist them to develop better understanding of the entire process.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is also banned but if the citizens of Spain want to become parents by surrogacy then they can travel abroad to find a surrogate. The countries which give legal permission for surrogacy have the facility to arrange everything for the intended parents from the initial stage to the last one. Therefore, we always stand by both the parties and help them to stay happy till the last. There are so many other professionals involved in this process who constantly guide them to finalize everything peacefully. The lawyer, psychologist, and medical team coordinate with them to accomplish the task without any hassle.

Cost paid for surrogacy

Nothing in life is available without any cost. The people pay a hefty amount to acquire peace and satisfaction in their life but they do not know the source of real contentment. Similarly, the couples who are longing to embrace their own child will not think to pay the cost of surrogacy. Surrogacy in Georgia is quite affordable and people do not hesitate to opt for surrogacy if they are childless. Surrogacy is not a simple method.Neither for the intended parents nor for the surrogate is easy to go for this process. It demands dedication, care and protection of the surrogate for nine months. The surrogate has to be dedicated for the family for whom she has decided to deliver a baby. 

Looking at all such possibilities, we arrange proper facilities and keep her under strict observation. She is given proper medical facilities with the provision of routine check-up and proper vaccination given during her pregnancy period. We always keep the record of the entire activities to provide full support and cooperation to both the parties. We make sure that none leaves the place with any kind of disappointment and should leave the place with a happy face. Our effort is to fill pleasure and joy in the monotonous life of the childless parents and provide some financial support to the lady if she has become surrogate for such kind of aid. We work to spread happiness in the life of a man.

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