Tactics to Host a Cool Virtual Networking Event


There are several creative and playful ways to host a virtual networking event. These include limiting the number of attendees, hiring a moderator, and using private messaging tools. These techniques will help you set up a successful virtual networking event that will be memorable. Listed below are a few ideas. If you plan to hold a virtual networking event, you may consider these tactics.

Creative and playful tactics to host a virtual networking event

Hosting a virtual networking event is different from hosting an industry conference, but the principles are the same. Virtual networking events require a host, so be sure to learn the platform and prepare your attendees by sending a plan. In addition, be sure to interact with guests, introduce them to one another, and follow up with any technical questions. A great virtual networking event can be an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with other creators.

Here are tips for successful virtual networking to make a virtual networking event engaging. As an organizer, consider incorporating games. Games such as escape rooms encourage collaboration and connection and require players to use various skills and intuition to solve puzzles. Escape games can be adapted to your networking goals by creating realistic scenarios. Try including the theme of your event in the game. This will attract people from diverse fields, and they may just be interested in learning more about the people they are networking with.

Limiting the number of attendees

The size of your event has a lot to do with how effective you can make it. While virtual networking events are typically larger than in-person events, you should still limit the number of attendees to make it more effective. The whole thing will fall flat if you have too many people in your virtual event. The number of attendees also depends on how you’ll organize the event. Harvard Business Review recommends a limit of eight people for actual group interaction. However, you can go much higher if you’re holding a series of breakout sessions.

To create a more effective virtual event, limit the number of attendees to eight or fewer. Using a tool like InEvent, you can create multiple activities for attendees to engage in simultaneously. For instance, you can create a separate breakout session for attendees of different types. The breakout sessions allow people to engage in various activities at the same time. Using a tool like InEvent, you can separate attendees by type so that everyone can get something out of their event.

Hiring a moderator

If you want your attendees to feel comfortable and have a good time, you need to hire a moderator. The role of a moderator in a virtual event is to moderate the conversation and spark discussion. Moderators also ensure that rules of etiquette are followed and that each speaker has ample time to talk. Forbes recommends hiring a moderator who knows how to “work the room” and who has connections in the industry and to attendees.

A moderator will be of utmost importance if you are hosting a virtual networking event online. These professionals will ensure that the event runs smoothly and is not interrupted. In addition, they can facilitate the interaction of participants, guide them through the various sessions, and conduct interviews, which give them a sense of an actual event. 

Using private messaging tools

Having a virtual networking event is something that you should think about for a few reasons. First, you’ll want to host it in a private messaging platform that allows you to sell tickets, manage donations, and even offer group purchases. You’ll also want to look for networking tools that will enable you to keep track of analytics and other features. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss some of these features and why they are valuable to your virtual networking event.

Once you’ve chosen the platform for your virtual networking event, you’ll need to create the technological setup. This means mapping out the experience you want attendees to have and then choosing the tools that will allow you to make that happen. You can use private messaging tools to host a virtual networking event in several ways, and they’re all pretty cool. But if you’re having trouble figuring out how to use them, don’t despair. 

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