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 720 total views Apart from the statutory duty on employers to report certain types of injury, occupational diseases, and incidents to the enforcing authority, the investigation of all forms of loss-production incident is an important strategy in accident prevention. The significant provides feedback on the direct causes of these incidents, which can be incorporated into future safety strategies. IEHSAS Reporting of Injuries, ACCIDENT, Diseases, Fire Safety and dangerous occurrences regulations 2015: These regulations lay down the requirement of death, certain types of injury and occupational diseases, an incident involving gas appliances,…

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Major Benefits that Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Can Bring to Your Business

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 719 total views Do you think that your company is lagging behind your business competitors? And worse of all- they even managed to snatch some of your clients too. Are you able to find out- why they are able to grow faster, steer ahead and above you? It is because they know that- profit is not the only key aspect of business growth and expansion. It requires one to put your heart and soul to achieve all your business endeavors. And the best way to maximize your return on your core…

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