Conversational Commerce Solution

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 690 total views If you own and manage a business or you work for a company that does online business, you have probably heard of Oliver, Facebook, and other social networking sites. If not, I would highly recommend that you go out there and start looking into them for your business. These three sites are a great way to market your products and services while chatting with people you might know. The nice thing about conversational commerce is that it allows the owners to use chat bot like they would the…

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Towards Extensively Using Conversational AI

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 1,219 total views Conversational AI is actually a group of technologies that allow computers to mimic, process, and behave appropriately in natural speaking, or real-world situations, and is generally used in conjunction with artificial intelligence or intelligent artificial agents (IAIs). These are generally described as natural-language understanding (NLA), or as “artificial intelligence” (IA). NLA refers to a system which can recognize and describe a natural language, as opposed to a machine or program which mimics or interprets something from a source language. On the other hand, artificial intelligence deals more with…

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