What is a cricket ball? Here are the details

cricket ball

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 853 total views A cricket ball is a solid, hard ball used in the game of cricket. It is made from cork with a leather cover stitched on top. There are strict laws governing the manufacture of these balls at first-class levels. A well-made cricket pitch requires an official cricket ball. A proper one is important in a game of cricket. In most cases, a well-made ball will make the difference between winning and losing. The cricket ball is made from leather or cork. It is encased in a leather case.…

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Cricket shoes: Tips for Buying Cricket Shoes

cricket shoes

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 483 total views Choosing cricket shoes is important, but it is equally important to consider your budget. While intermediate players can afford a higher price tag for their shoes, rookies should not waste their money on expensive pairs. Start with basic shoes for the first few weeks and upgrade as your skills improve. Cricket shoes follow the same sizing system as normal footwear. You can purchase junior and senior shoes in the same size. Many players use two pairs of socks instead of one thick one. It is best to go…

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