10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy (& Friendly)


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 574 total views A happy dog is a good dog. If you want to keep your pet around for a long time, then it’s important to make sure he or she feels cared for and well-loved at all times. Dogs don’t like feeling neglected, which can lead them to become anxious and frustrated – not to mention destructive when they get bored or lonely! Luckily, there are plenty of ways we humans make our furry friends happy. In this post, we will discuss 10 things you can do to keep our…

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How Is A Dog Bath Right? Some Notes When Bathing Dogs!

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 596 total views Dogs are a common pet and pet for almost any family. So a clean dog is very essential. And we see that the habit of bathing your dog is an important thing. In the process of caring for a dog, proper and proper bathing is essential. Bathing your dog helps keep the dog clean, beautiful, and healthier. In this article we would like to introduce you to some basic notes about dog bathing. When is the best time to bathe the dog? After the puppies are born about…

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