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 1,231 total views Rawalpindi Ring Road: Rawalpindi Ring Road is a proposed motorway that will connect the Twin Cities. The development of the Rawalpindi Ring Road has been highly awaited since its conception, following the success of the Lahore Ring Road. Residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, particularly those living in the periphery neighborhoods, will benefit from the triple-lane, 65.3-kilometer road, providing connectivity and making commuting easier. Rawalpindi Ring Road is a motorway that runs across the Twin Cities to improve connectivity. It is 65.3 kilometers long, with three lanes on every…

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Affordably Priced Karachi Apartments You Can Own


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 448 total views There are many high-rise and mid-rise residential complexes in Karachi’s landscape. Just one way to meet the ever-increasing housing demands of Pakistan’s most populated city is to expand vertically. There are many tall buildings in Karachi’s cityscape; this is why it is referred to as the “city of skyscrapers.” The property market in Pakistan’s most significant metropolis attracts many investors and homeowners since it is both exciting and rewarding. Whether you’re looking to buy a low-cost home or a high-end mansion, Karachi has a wide range of options…

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DIY House Painting Tips You Need To Know

DIY house painting

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 357 total views DIY Paint Buying Direction The house painting is really not an easy achievement. While you can be tempted to buy the cheapest type of paint that you can find, just always remember that you wanted the paint to last as much as possible, a long time and not just to look it good at your house. If you still have not selected the color palette, then, there are a total of apartment design applications out there that will spark inspiration. Once you have decided upon what color scheme,…

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From House Flipping to Land Flipping

Land Flipping

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 1,006 total views Purchasing land is simpler compared to purchasing a house so they say and land flipping instead of house flipping. Probably because with house flipping, there are a number of concerns that one has to deal with. An example of which are inspection, plumbing problems, electrical problems. Termite damage, foundation issues, and so on and so forth. However, there are also issues with land. Tips for Purchasing Land: Checking out the TerrainIt is recommendable to see the actual, physical land before buying. Technology may help, however; it is better…

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