OpenBNG: The Best Open BNG Device for Faster Internet Connection

Open BNG Device

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 532 total views Open Broadband network gateway (open bng) software speeds up internet connection speeds by managing the bandwidth of a local area network. It is a piece of software that manages the bandwidth in a small area, such as an office building or apartment block, providing faster internet for users.  With the increased demand for faster Internet connectivity and its widespread usage, there is an increased need for Open BNG software to manage bandwidth efficiently in densely populated areas where there are numerous users sharing one ISP connection. Users are…

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Why Is Internet the Best Source Of News?


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 132 total views Internet is the primary source of news even for news channels. This is how they have always communicated with news agencies and their representatives across the world. Whether it was email or now WhatsApp etc. – the internet has been the fastest tool of communication since its inception. The difference is, now the masses have it at their disposal. Most of the audience that watched TV news or stayed informed through newspapers now cannot wait for that long to stay updated.  News apps, news notifications in our smartphones,…

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Complex set up mechanisms by Ap.setup

ap setup

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 501 total views You may have faced the issue of weak connectivity. So has everyone who uses a single wireless router and has a good-sized house. The wireless connectivity of the router is, unfortunately, unable to spread across the full map of your home and you really need a solution. Checking online about weak network places and wifi dead spots will always lead you to enough conclusive evidence that wifi extenders are the best solution. Then you start browsing about Different companies that manufacturer Wi-Fi extenders. The real problem comes in…

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