Decorating Your Home With Small Planters for Succulents

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 1,920 total views Decorating your home can be an easy, quick process that takes very little effort to pull off. It can be especially easy to decorate when you really just want a few details here and there to fill out a space and make everything look a little bit nicer. Just the addition of a few, stylish, well-cared-for plant pots can lift up the mood in the space and make it all seem much more attractive to the homeowner as well as any guests that visit. As you shop around…

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Choosing the Garden Trellis of Your Dreams

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 658 total views So you’re thinking about adding a garden trellis to your yard but don’t know that much about what’s out there for you. No worries. A trellis is a beautiful decorative element to add to your garden space that will not only stand alone as a lovely centerpiece or feature but as the perfect frame for the plants you want to show off. Trellises come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs; maybe more than you anticipated. That’s alright. We are going to take some time to…

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