Valley of Flowers Trek- Best Monsoon trek

Valley of Flowers Trek

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 834 total views Overview: Valley of Flowers as the name suggests that it must be some paradise of flowers with vibrant colors. It’s true Valley of Flowers is the beautiful valley situated at an altitude of 3,300 meters and it is full of myriad of colours be it purple, yellow, red, blue that forms like carpet blossoming with its own pristine beauty. It covers an area of about 87 square kms.  The valley is exceptionally surrounded with flowers which have the collection of wild flower species. And the mesmerizing Pushpawati river…

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Hiking to Everest Base Camp: nothing can be told you!

Everest Base Camp

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 461 total views I finished watching ‘Everest’ on my flight to Singapore and I felt tears in my eyes and watched all the magnificent locations in the true life that we saw while hiking to the Everest Base Camp last November. For six months we have been here, but it still feels so long, even for years at a time. I see Kathmandu on the tv from time to time as we drive across India at present. The Himalayan beauty alone is a fast ride. When I looked ahead, I saw…

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Top 7 Best Places For Night Visit In Jaipur

night visit in jaipur

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 428 total views A city’s nightlife characterizes individuals that stay in it. Evenings draw out the most amazing aspect of the lost places in Jaipur, as it does with all other cities in this world.  The murkiness of great importance makes this city considerably more energizing to observe and investigate! Revel in the wonderful lights and dance in the demonstration of the stars high above in the night sky while going for a walk along the byways of Jaipur! We present to you the absolute best places to investigate Jaipur’s nightlife!…

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Best practice when traveling with your pet

traveling with your pet

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 531 total views There has been a massive increase in the number of passengers wanting to travel along with their pets and are approaching different airlines to book the seats before as soon as the window opens. By looking at the number of requests inclined, carriers are now implying that the rule on pets travels more strictly because they aim at the safety of humans and others at an utmost priority. When the restrictions are imposed on travelers, they limit the chances of danger by reducing the number of entries. To…

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