Kheerganga Trek-A Perfect Detailed Guide

Kheerganga Trek-

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 532 total views Kheerganga Is a popular trekking destination and a spiritual site for Hindus and Sikhs alike. In the Parvati Valley, the renowned hot water springs are said to be calming and rejuvenating. Many legends surround this location, which are now sung as folklore among the people. Beautiful campsites in the Parvati Valley, with views of the Himalayan snow-capped mountains, are only one of the many things to look forward to. The Kheerganga got its name after a legend. It is believed that when Kartikye lost a race to Ganesha…

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Short Treks in Nepal

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 1,708 total views Concerning traveling, Nepal has Lots of options for is Probably the most renowned inspiration driving pilgrims to go to the nation. The calm thought of its family and Nepalese supernatural feelings puts it in incredible stead for those searching for a type of interior enlightenment thusly making Nepal an uncommon goal for those hoping to move away from the disturbance. It’s nothing surprising that explorers place Nepal among the highest protests given the way that one can move a dazzling viewpoint on mountain ranges.The nation is honored with…

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