What you Need to Know Before Buying a TV

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 2,053 total views Buying a television set is complex, and homeowners need proper research to make the best decision. Buying a TV was easy in the past but is more complex today due to the increased number of television brands.  Homeowners must consider several before buying a TV set to make an informed decision. These different companies have distinct features, functionality, and technology that you need to understand before buying. Buying a TV is not enough, as you need a TV stand to prevent it from falling.  Below we discuss what…

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How do you restart to factory defaults on an Apple TV device in 3 different methods

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 1,650 total views It all depends on the Apple TV model you have the procedure for resetting your device can differ. In the event that you decide to reset or reset your Apple tv, it will restore the device to its default settings, and erase your account and configuration settings. In the event that the Apple tv glitches or is having connectivity problems, resetting it can resolve the issue. Although the procedure for resetting your Apple tv is straightforward, it may take a while for the device to reset itself and turn itself back…

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