Termites Signs and Prevention


Treating termites is a crucial fragment of any house. Pest or termite control is extremely vital. It may lead to consequential termite issues. It might further lead to a cluster of problems like rot, moulds, and severe health issues. Therefore, you should always inspect your house frequently without fail.

Generally, these termites can ruin an entire material in and out. They build their homes inside the doors, kitchen areas, windows, cupboards. Also, they build their home sometimes in the fences made of gates, rotten wood, etc. They can conquer the interior as well as the exterior of your house.

Why create a termite barrier?

Flying termites and dry wood termites are slow creatures that deliberately cause damage. Studies say pest and termite attack causes approximate damage of 5 billion dollars in several parts of the world. Therefore, creating a termite barrier is essential. Otherwise, termites might destroy your attics, walls, pipes, etc. and the whole of your foundation.

By now, you must be knowing why termite treatment is important in your home and must be convinced about giving termite inspection a shot. Don’t risk your priceless furniture or precious walls and attics by overlooking these signs.

If you notice any signs of termites, it is recommended to contact the pest control company at the earliest. It is time that you protect your house from the pests and termites. Create a termite barrier for any further or drastic damage.

Signs of Termites :

Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure.” In this context, we mean to say that an annual termite pest inspection is essential.

But first, let us look into a few signs of termites that can take place.

●     Noticeable hollow wooden surface:

Termites or pests generally prefer to stay in a humid dark environment to not be perceptible by a human eye. But, on tapping the surface, you can determine if the termites are present there as it may emit a hollow sound.

●     Flying Termites:

These are also known as the group of winged insects or swarmer with discarded wings. The swarmer takes flight here and there to create a brand-new colony.

These are the termites that are in a state of reproducing. In case you see a group of flying termites calls a termite expert to inspect thoroughly.

●     Tightness in doors and windows:

Termites pests excrete a substance that is like mud. This further acts as a shield that surrounds their colony. This mud-like substance sticks amidst the wooden surfaces or objects, resulting in swelling. When you notice a jammed door or window or face difficulty opening any wooden object, know that your asset is home to these creatures.

●     Tunnels:

Termites build a tube-shaped cavity inside any wooden object. Through which they travel between 2 particular termini in search of food. Usually, you will find these behind any wooden slab or under a brick or wooden block.

Get Professional Help:

Several customers purchase the products and make an attempt to eradicate attempts, but 90% of the time, it does not give results. It is therefore recommended that professional help would be much better.

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