The 5 Best Minimalist Gaming Setups

The 5 Best Minimalist Gaming Setups


Minimal services have become everything in the latest gaming setups environment. As usual, Battle Station uses only the essentials in the subgenre, depending on your preference as a gamer. In attachment to doing, a cheap and powerful way to create a setup that looks more “sophisticated. This simple, minimalist way can help you gain clarity while gaming.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular shapes planted on Reddit this time’s Reddit; Anticipate lots of clean lines and white-open spaces to further inspire your own aesthetic minimalism! 

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white

Doctor, are you ready? These primitive, minimal gaming setups are virtually clean enough for surgery. Although it may be too sterile for some people’s taste,

The creator wanted to create a bright, open space with a high position in the union. To do this, string operation was a top priority, so he ran all the wires inside the walls and you can see, none of them coming out.

The huge bright office comes from Ikea and rests freely on top of four visible wall mounts. It provides more than enough space for two audio-engine A2 speakers and other wireless peripherals like the Logitech G613 keyboard and mouse. Corsair Void Pro on the wall and completely wireless.

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2. My Minimalist Streaming Setup v2.0

The theme is clean, classic, and simple. This minimalist design proves that you don’t need to have fortunes saved up to produce a satiny and swish setup. 

The first thing that grabs your attention in this room is the different color scheme. It has three main colors that separate the walls, flooring, and black-on-black outfits nicely. This aspect not only helps with the cleanliness but also makes white ensigns on the gear prominently stand out. 

Only the rudiments can be planted in the Ida sen office. They include an Alienware 24.5″ examiner, a Yongnuo YN360 light, a Vortex POK3R RGB Keyboard, and a Logitech G Pro Wireless 130 mouse. 

The creator has taken full advantage of being suitable to fix the Blue Compass mic arm and Logitech BRIO webcam to the office, so everything is just where he wants it. 

3. I Like Oreos

This setup is suitable for all your Oreo suckers, and just like the famous cookies, everything in this setup is black and white.

This is a great relief if you don’t have much space for your clothes. The creator has maximized his small tabletop use by keeping the effects as tidy as possible and making it look mouth-watering!

Above the office is a Vortex Tab 90M keyboard and the mouse is a white Logitech G305. Both parts of the gear cover a large solar system mouse pad. If you are also addicted to photography, you will love the weird camera and film videotape camera props that come with the speakers.

 The PC itself is powered by an EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, and 16 GB of.SKILL TridentZ RGB RAM. Desktop palaces are kept high in the office to help with cleanliness. Remember, do not eat any eye pain while playing the game!

4. Here’s My Battle Station

This light-inspired theme stylishly resembles eye delicacy. The creator wanted to add his unique touch to a white setting and has eventually succeeded. The place is beautiful and peaceful. Now he can relax and enjoy this heaven of technology. 

An eye-catching gaming mouse pad is one of the first effects to snare your attention. It matches with the other pieces of gear similar as the unheroic GK61 Mechanical keyboard, the Himalayan Salt Beacon, and indeed the Elgato Stream sundeck has a custom manual skin! 

On a professional note, the two Viotek observers are further than enough to give an excellent view of the game. Just under this is the League PC Bluetooth Soundbar for redundant bass, and the mouse is an ultra-lightweight honeycomb G- Wolves Hati. 

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5. My Minimal Setup

This battle station stands out for its untimely and ultramodern appeal. The strong black and white colors snare your attention in a moment, and there’s no RGB lighting plant in any of the outfits. Rather, the focus is a clean, tidy space with just the necessary gear. 

The Audioengine A5 speakers, Fnatic MiniStreak keyboard, and NZXT H510 case all have an analogous differing aesthetic. Felicitating these larger particulars is a gorgeous marble grain mousepad. We particularly like how this camouflages the white Logitech mouse so you can’t indeed see it on top! 

The cleanliness of this room makes it feel organized so you can concentrate on your game. Despite being in the corner with a fairly low ceiling, there’s still plenty of room for large broad mouse movements. That’s especially important for the maturity of players. 

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