The 5 Greatest Canadian Movies of All Time


Canadian cinema has given us some of the greatest experimental and artistic films which not only defined the cinema of the nation but also have left their deep imprints on the world of cinema. But Cancon is often misunderstood and some of the greatest movies of all time did not get the attention they deserve. All Because of this Branding problem the Great White North.

So here are the top 5 Best Canadian Films of all time to blow away your minds.

The Sweet Hereafter (1997):

One of the greatest movies set in Canada, directed by Atom Egoyan is Oscar-nominated. The Sweet Hereafter is the ultimate Canadian film that follows the aftermath of a terrific school bus crash resulting in the death of 14 children at the height of winter. Mitchell Stephens, a lawyer played exceptionally by the late Ian Holm, who arrives in Sam Dent, B.C., and tries to persuade the grieving parents to fight for justice by filing a class-action lawsuit against the town. The movie represents how an event that tears apart the hearts of people of a country also brings them together to stand for the cause of justice, through the eyes of an outsider lawyer from the United States Mitchell Stephens. The movie is packed with a daring display of exposition, emotion, and revelation.

Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner, Zacharias Kunuk (2001):

The film is based on the ancient folktale of Atanarjuat. Which revolves around the lives of two Brothers Amaqjuaq and Atanarjuat the Strong One and the Fast Runner, who are in peace until they find themselves in mayhem as a malevolent Inuit spirit is summoned to cause disputes and mischief in their small community. As years pass by, there takes place a shift of power in the community resulting in bitter rivalry and a love triangle which ends in the brutal murder of Amaqjuaq and forcing Atanarjuat to run for his life in the bone-chilling old. But Fortunate enough, Atanarjuat receives the help of supernatural forces along his quest for survival, revenge, and justice.

Mon Oncle Antoine, Claude Jutra (1971):

The movie is set in a 1940’s small mining town, where Claude Jutra has portraits of the atmosphere of village life in a general store on a snowy Christmas Eve. The Film excellently shows the perception of a young boy of the world and those closest to him in two phases first he is a teenager and later as an adult, who’s being has been changed by the series of events.

Léolo (1992):

Léolo is A visually stunning tale of a fiction that centers around Leo Lauzon and is directed by widely acclaimed Québec director Jean-Claude Lauzon. Where Leo Lauzon, a young boy from Montreal with eerie imagination and a wildly dysfunctional family is hit by puberty and struggles his way up through the ups and downs of his teenage life trying to make sense of his life, where Leo creates a make-believe world of his own as a means of escapism from the harsh reality. Where he thinks he’s a son of an Italian peasant named LeoloLozon. The movie won three Genie Awards and is generally considered one of the best Canadian films ever made.

Dead Ringers (1988) – Directed by David Cronenberg:

Dead Ringers is a horror/thriller movie by cult director David Cronenberg which follows twisted lives of twin gynecologists (both played by Jeremy Irons) which is beyond unsettling as we get to see slow deterioration and disruption in the lives of the characters as Beverly falls for Clair (played by Geneviève Bujold), and Elliott starts to plot against them to tear them apart.

These movies capture the essence of Canadian movies which are often overshadowed by big blockbusters from Hollywood. But after watching these movies you will surely fall in love with Canadian cinema.

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