Do you know how many people are employed as soldiers in the British Army?

According to last year, the number was around 80,000. Yes, we have close to 80,000 people, who are serving our nation most optimally. Yet, there is more. Almost 30,000 soldiers work part-time for the armed forces guarding our lands.

These numbers are for the soldiers who are still an active member of the British Army. The number of veterans is going to be much much higher.

These are people who have fought in battles against our enemies for our nation and its integrity.

These are people who have endured life-changing experiences in war and still come back strong.

These are people who need to be prioritised above anyone else since they are the actual celebrities.

So, here is a story of an army veteran, who had made two-year-long trips to the middle-east and knew he could survive another one.

He still has to work to earn his livelihood and work he does.

Let us find out how he manages to survive in the normal world, after having dealt with the inhumane side of humankind.


Someone who has been in the military is bound to learn a few things during his/her service. Some of these things are qualities that will be with them for a lifetime.

Defence Personnel are the most disciplined in the world. Punctuality is in their every pore.

Defence personnel are exceptionally adaptive, you can put them in the worse of situations, and they would make it work.

The kind of leadership, a defence officer, will have is unparalleled by the common folks like.

With such a magnitude of qualities, can you tell which profession would be suitable for a veteran army officer?

Yes, they would do exceptionally well in the business dimension, since these are the qualities that are essential to make a business flourish.

So, our veteran thought of doing the same.

As for the category of business, like every other defence officer, ours was also very well-equipped to handle security.

Making the Decision

After having chosen the career path, he wanted to take, which was to start a security company, he went on to make the decision his future.

He knew what he had to do; now, he had to decide how he was going to do it.

The first step was to decide what kind of clients he would want to take on. He knew he could handle the pressure of taking on high-profile clientele, he preferred that route, instead of providing security to businesses and residential buildings.

He had links that could make him meet prospective clients and take that first step in being a businessperson.

His first client was a pretty renowned business owner, who had to travel abroad for business, and his head of security could not do it for some reason.

After that first client witnessed his diligence and dedication to the job, the word was out and slowly he made a name for himself.

Still, his dream of being a business owner had not come to fruition.

He needed an actual office, actual staff and much more advanced equipment to make him one of the most eminent names in the securities business. For that, he needed more money than he had.

Like you and me, there are so many other people, who think that veterans deserve every luxury we can give them.

So, when he applied for a loan, despite having low creditworthiness, his loan application was not disregarded. He was given the option of procuring bad credit loans with no guarantor, and he did.

Relishing the Outcome

Today, it has been two years, since he started his security firm. To say that he has grown the firm would be an understatement.

His organisation was able to achieve its 5-year goal in less than two years. He has a total of 135 employees, two offices: one in London and the other in Liverpool, over 100 clients and the brightest future.

He has also been developing a kind of safety equipment that would serve as a power locking system for your home that would be close to unbreakable. Stepping into the technology world is another accolade our veteran will soon be able to achieve. With a versatile IT team, it just may be more rapidly than expected.

I am sure the success story of this particular veteran is not even close to being finished. Instead, it has just started.

It feels incredible to hear about the life of veterans and how they strive for normalcy after enduring the atrocities of war. To help them get back to their lives after service, some so many lenders are providing same day loans for them at very economical interest rates, so that their needs can be easily fulfilled.

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