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SMS communication channel is irreplaceable”. Is it so? Entire businesses worked with plenty of communication channels to get connected with their clients quickly. No matter how many other channels are ready to enter into the communication channel world, SMS will always remain on the top. The platform has fixed its place. Nevertheless, there are many herculean tasks regarding SMS like many want to Send SMS to multiple clients swiftly. The problem is they have to spend most of the time in this activity. A time-saving platform is much needed nowadays. Therefore, we are going to put a spotlight on the extension we have called Twilio SMS.

There is a need for an extension that can free up your time and efforts in SMS activity. Twilio SMS can enable you to send SMS in bulk to your clients. You just have to tap one time and your message will be sent to various clients. Absolutely remarkable! We don’t want users to meet with the situation of one by one sending SMS. SMS plays a vital role as 68% of consumers prefer the SMS platform and 82% of the text messages are read within 5 minutes. The open rate of SMS is 82% and the number of monthly texts sent is 7700%. 

A text message is a remarkable platform and we ease your efforts more by introducing this latest add-on called Twilio SMS. This extension can add five stars to your business growth and development. Without any doubt, we can say that this plugin is eminent for the Sales business, beneficial for the IT industry, plus point for the Travel organization and many more. 

Unknown features of Twilio SMS to increase business productivity

Make sure not to skip this article in the middle. We decided to unlock some amazing features of this extension. Have a look

  • Want an extension that saves your time?

You got a hefty income from your business activity. Now your goal is to adopt the latest and superlative plugin to enrich your work experience. We don’t want users to select any vintage tool when the Outright Store Extension called Twilio SMS is here to help you. The extension saves your precious time in business. You will send a bulk of SMS to your clients in just one go. No need to select and send SMS one by one to everyone in your contact. Invest here to strengthen your business today. 

  • Saving conversations minus your big problem

Can’t say about the situation when you want a previous month or previous week conversation of one of your trustworthy client. You are not a robot to remember each moment of your work. What to do then? Strive for our plugin Twilio bulk SMS in your business where it saves the entire conversation of your clients. You can access it anytime so that client never feels like you have no idea about the conversation that you made a few days back. Get the incomparable experience today while adapting this add-on which is best for business. 

  • An opt-out option can be helpful for you

Like a calling platform where you can block contact for not calling you again. The same goes for this extension. How? There is a feature called Opt-out which can be useful for most of you. If you don’t want any SMS from a second party then all you have to do is just type and send STOP. You will never receive the next message from that person. There will be no communication with that person again. Thanks to this wonderful plugin to make your business work more interesting. 

  • Now send SMS template while using this add-on

You have made several creative email templates for your business activity. Maybe it is just a trick to get engaged with the new audience and to turn them into regular customers. You have a chance now to send the template while using our plugin easily. There is no such complex process to do this. It’s a great way to improve the communication level with your customers and more importantly, you find a way to engage with the audience now. Moreover, this extension is accurate for you to do a live chat with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) users. 

Outright Store has more such great extensions for your business enhancement. We believe that organizations need plugins that are not only helpful for their business growth but beneficial to minus their efforts in various activities. We have stellar SuiteCRM plugins such as Empower PDF Template, Twilio Autodialer, Mailchimp Integration with SuiteCRM, Unique ID Generator, and much more. Choose wisely! 

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