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Compared to females, males are more concerned about their sexual health and performance in bed with their partners. Whenever they are not able to satisfy their partner, it directly affects their confidence and self-esteem. Sexual illness is that curse that directly affects a person’s masculinity. Andrologist in Jaipur helps men overcome their sexual disorders by providing them with the ideal treatment or medication at the right time.

Looking for your sexual dysfunction cure, then you can visit the best andrologist in Jaipur- Dr. Chirag Bhandari in Jaipur. He is a highly-experienced and trained andrologist, known for treating any type of sexual dysfunction and illness with the highest success rates in the whole city.

But before that, let us understand what sexual problems are and how you can overcome them. 

What are Sexual problems? 

Sexual dysfunction refers to any difficulty that a man faces between any section of the regular physical activity cycle- stimulation, orgasm, desire, or pleasure, that results in unsatisfactory time in bed. Sexual problems can of various types, and any of the issues can result in inadequate or unsatisfying sexual intercourse with your partner. Understanding the different kinds of sexual disorders can help you eventually find the cause of the problem in your body. And by that, it’ll become much more comfortable to cure that problem in time.

Following are the type of sexual problems that a man can have :

1. Male infertility 

The first and foremost symptom of having male infertility is the continuous failure for a couple to conceive after having regular intercourse with his partner. Male infertility decreases the chances of the female partner to get pregnant after trying for more than a year without any birth control. 13 out of 90 couples face infertility issues, even with unprotected physical intercourse. The cause for infertility can be with men as well as with women. The reason why a couple faces infertility are: 

  • Low sperm quality is the top-most reason for getting male infertility issues.
  • Low level of testosterone level have an adverse effect on males
  • The low motility of the sperms in the male body is also considered a reason for sexual problems.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, in common words, is known as impotence. When the male body finds difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse, then the issue is considered to be erectile dysfunction. There are plenty of reasons due to which a man faces ED, and some of them are stress, performance pressure, depression.

During sexual intercourse, when proper blood flow from the body to the two chambers inside the penis through the arteries gets dysfunctioned, it results in ED. A man suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and low testosterone level is more prone to this type of illness.

3. Prostate disease

The prostate gland is the main organ of the reproductive system in males located at the bladder’s base. This prostate gland is responsible for producing the fluid that protects the sperm and sperm cells. The fluid produced by the gland nourishes the sperm and leaves the urethra as ejaculate. Any kind of dysfunction in the prostate gland can cause difficulty in the male reproductive system’s functioning. 

4. Androgen deficiency

Androgen is the hormone produced in the male body that is responsible for the proper functioning and growth of the organs. And androgen deficiency is the lack of androgen hormone in the body below a particular level for each age group. This issue is also called male hypogonadism. 

A low level of androgen hormonal during young age in males may result in improper sexual development and cause male infertility in men.  

Whom should you visit to treat their problems?

Due to this busy life and stressful work culture, it becomes impossible for a person to take care of his physical and sexual health. If you have any type of sexual problem, then it is advised to visit an andrologist to find the best solution for your sexual dysfunction. 

Andrologist in Jaipur can solve any sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation, male infertility, erectile dysfunction or any other complicated issues that are preventing you from having pleasurable sexual time. 

Best Andrologist in Jaipur- Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur

You can search for the best andrologist in Jaipur or you can directly visit the best andrologist in Jaipur- Dr. Chirag Bhandari to get your ideal treatment. Dr. Chirag is a specialised doctor in the field of male reproductive health and wellness, which makes him every person’s first choice. He is a highly qualified andrologist with various international training and fellowships from the world’s top-most health institutes. He brings all his latest theories to treat people in India with the highest success rates. 

Dr. Chirag is the director of Institue of Andrology and Sexual Health, a well-versed male sexual health care hospital where he and his city’s best male sexual health expert treat every type of sexual dysfunction. 


Male sexual health is an essential aspect of a successful marriage or relationship, making it necessary for men to take care of it with the utmost attention. Visit the best andrologist in Jaipur– Dr.. Chirag Bhandari to cure your sexual illness. 

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