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The Best Areas To Invest In Property In Fulham: Up-And-Coming Neighbourhoods And Hotspots


Nestling amidst the majestic Thames, Fulham is a famous and well-sought area of South-West London. Vibrant community harmony, attractive shopping boutiques, serene riversides, mouth-watering items and lively culture in cafes and restaurants- all contribute to Fulham’s popularity. 

Without a doubt, Fulham attracts buyers and sellers of all kinds of properties. Therefore, you should get in touch with qualified estate agents in Fulham to get the best deal. 

The London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham comprises parks with Green Flag Status due to their high quality of horticulture, cleanliness, and other facilities. This borough holds six underground stations that allow commuters to reach Victoria in less than thirty minutes. One of the major benefits of living in Fulham is its easy access to all the other corners of South-west London through buses and the M4 motorway. 

Each of the distinct parts of Fulham lets you enjoy its facilities and culture.

Why Invest In Fulham Properties

Due to its rich cultural history, Fulham is primarily home to several Victorian properties. Its culturally diverse demographic is one of the major reasons for people of all categories flocking to the city.

Post the Second World War, the Hammersmith and Fulham borough underwent regeneration works. Another stage of improvement happened in the 1980s. After several restorations and transformations, Fulham is one of the most well-sought and expensive areas for properties. 

At present, they have charted a plan for developing 22,000 new homes by 2035. It includes around 4,000 new buildings in South Fulham Riverside. 

According to recent statistics, the average price of properties is approximately 663,000 in West London. The average house prices for Hammersmith and Fulham are 779,570-pound sterling. 

Generally, the properties on rent in Fulham are homes with 2 bedrooms. The average rental prices in Fulham lie in the range of 2,060-pound sterling for a property with a single bedroom. Gross average yields for rented properties are 2.5% in Fulham. 

After the massive coronavirus pandemic, significant London property markets are witnessing considerable growth. Since Fulham is an extremely desirable spot, people should consider investing in the borough. 

Property Investment In Fulham

To help you decide, here are some popular neighbourhoods in Fulham.

Parsons Green

One of the best areas in Fulham, Parsons Green is a few kilometres away from the New Kings Road. A plethora of eateries and parks make it an attractive neighbourhood. 

If you want to invest in large-period properties, Chiddingstone Street, Coniger Road, and Perrymead Street are great options. They house charming redbrick terraced buildings with five or more bedrooms and gated entranceways. 

Parsons Green has the well-known Chesilton Road, St. Maur’s Road, and Mimosa Street on its opposite side, bordering Fulham Road. Here, the properties are relatively less costly. However, they are still desirable and worth investing in. 

Fulham Broadway

Bordering Chelsea and lying next to central London, it is perhaps the best spot due to its doorstep amenities. Barclay, Kings Road, and Walham Grove are some hotspots with their gorgeous original elements. Most of the buildings on Fulham Broadway belong to the Edwardian and Victorian phases. 

The asking price of a four-bedroom house in Fulham Broadway is around 1,695,00-pound sterling. 

Bishops Park

It is one of the most beautiful areas in Fulham. The tranquil Thames and spacious open places make it an impressive spot for investing in properties. What’s more? The historical Craven Cottage lies quite close to Bishops Park.

Some of the profitable places worth investing in are the Alphabet Streets with Cloncurry, Doneraile, and Ellerby. They have trees lined on the streets and are well-designed with gardens facing southward. These areas are spacious and suitable for families. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Fulham offers huge scope for capital growth due to the frequent regeneration works. So, you should go forward and invest in the borough, if you have not yet done so! 

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