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The product photo has an effective angle suitable for the EC site. By posting some photos taken from different angles, you will be able to show details that cannot be expressed in words. 

We know that as many as 93% of shoppers who shop online make decisions based on visual images. With that in mind, it turns out that it is more effective to provide as many images as possible to highlight the characteristics of the product. The omnidirectional image attracts the viewer’s attention and helps to imagine the shopper actually using the item. As a result, it will lead to more sales.

It is also important to post a close-up photo taken from a short distance. Close-up photos help show shoppers the quality of print details, fabric texture, texture, etc., as well as how they use the product and certain product elements. 

When taking pictures of apparel and footwear, try the following five camera angles.

  1. Eye Level: A view of the product from the front. 
  2. High Angle: A view of the product looking down at an angle from a higher position.
  3. Low Angle: Looking up at the product from the floor.
  4. The angle from above (Birds Eye): A view of the product looking down from directly above.
  5. Slanted: A view of the product from an oblique position.

If you are new to product photography, we recommend that you always place your smartphone and tripod Cold Shoe in the same place during shooting and shoot at different angles by rotating the product. When you rotate the product with respect to the camera, the image always fits in the same frame, which helps maintain consistency and reduces post-shoot image editing work.

Shooting method using a smartphone

By now, the equipment is ready and you can understand how to use different camera angles and natural light. Now let’s get into the actual photography method.

Before you start shooting, check the checklist below to see if your Android or iPhone camera is ready to shoot. 

  • Get ready for your smartphone. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has enough space to back up your photos.
  • Set the white balance. To set the white balance of the color temperature, touch the “WB” button in the settings and select a white background (iPhone does not have a white balance adjustment function).
  • Check the exposure. If you tap the round “Exposure” button and then touch the product image, the camera will change the exposure of the image. On iPhone, you can adjust by tapping the target you want to focus on and sliding the sun mark up and down.
  • Focus on everything. If you touch the ground “focus” button and then the product image, the camera will focus appropriately.
  • 5. Lock (fix) the camera settings. After making the above settings, tap each setting again to lock the settings. This will prevent the camera from automatically adjusting the settings during shooting. Please note that it cannot be locked on the iPhone.

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Check the image immediately after taking the first shot to see if you need to make it a little brighter or darker until the exposure settings are correct. If you think you need to adjust the exposure, touch the ” +/- ” button above the “Focus” button and move the slider to change the exposure level.

In addition, please avoid the following three things in order to make a good product photo.

  1. Zoom function: To reduce the image quality.
  2. Selfie function: Because the image quality is lower than the normal camera function.
  3. Flash: To overexpose the photo and ruin the tint. 
  4. After shooting, let’s edit on your mobile phone!

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