An often overlooked feature, eyebrows have the unmatched ability to enhance your facial features, bring proportion and frame your face. However, the wrong shape or style can also negatively affect your look. In a time where cosmetic tattooing is at its most popular, finding the right style of brow that flatters your face and enhances your natural beauty is crucial.

Everyone is unique and much like finding the right hairstyle, figuring out the right eyebrow shape and style is no easy task! Do you need a sharp arch, a subtle curve, or a whole new shape? The key lies in the shape of your face.

The Right Eyebrows Can Do Wonders

Eyebrow trends come and go, and when they are at their most popular, everyone wants to try them. However, committing to the latest trends does not always work in everyone’s favour. Too low and thick can make you look tired or sad, where too high and arched can make you look too stern or surprised. Additionally, colour also plays a role where too fair can lack definition, where too dark will look unnatural.

Enhance Your Natural Shape

Many cosmetic tattooists and eyebrow experts recommend sticking to an enhanced and improved version of your natural eyebrow shape. This is the best and easiest way to get an eyebrow style that suits your face shape. By simply enhancing what is already there, you are able to achieve improved proportions and symmetry, thereby enhancing your facial features.

Match Size to your Face Shape

The size and length of your brows should be proportional to the size and shape of your face. The ideal eyebrow shape can take years off your age, while the distance between your brows can change the way your whole face looks.

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face works best with a soft arch that balances a longer chin. Having fuller brows also creates additional symmetry in the brow area, as this is often the widest part of the face.

Square Face Shape

High, curved arches work well on a square face shape as it works to soften sharp angles and elongate the face. 

Round Face Shape

Full, natural-looking brows with a sharp-angled arch give structure to the soft angles of a rounder face shape. 

Oblong Face Shape

For longer, sharper faces, an arched or high set brow will further stretch the face. Opting for a straighter brow with soft edges will work to widen the face in proportion to its length. 

Choosing Colours

While the style and shape of an eyebrow can enhance the proportions of your face, the colour works to visually enhance the overall look. A rule of thumb to consider is to try and stay within two shades of your hair colour. 

Exact colour matches are not necessary as long as the shades are complimentary. If you have dark eyes, opt for a shade that is lighter than your hair, where if you have light eyes, choose a shade that is darker than your hair.

Get Perfect Brows With Signature Brows and Beauty

The perfect brows have the ability to maximise your best features and boost your confidence. Eyebrow tattooing and Microblading services gorgeous, natural-looking brows that are long-lasting and life-proof.

Signature Brows and Beauty are a local beauty clinic that specialise in eyebrow architecture. With a range of eyebrow tattooing services, Signature Brows works with you to determine the best look and style for you. Book your consultation today!

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