Nowadays, Vape tanks have more and more diversity. Each type of electronic cigarette tank has an irresistible attractive flavor. So what is the best tasting tank? 

The Tank Vape is a special accessory. Currently, tanks have many different lines but are divided into two main groups that can build coils and cannot build coils. So which is the best Tank to play out of the countless Vape tanks available today? Let’s find out the answer below. 

1. What is Tank Vape?

Before learning how tanks play the best, VapePro will explain the concept of a Vape tank. Many e-cigarette users are all too familiar with what tank Vape is , but to many newbies this concept is relatively unfamiliar. Simply put, this is the burner part of the e-cigarette. Here, essential oils are heated and converted from a liquid to a vapor. Whether the medicine tastes good or not, whether the smoke is thick or not depends greatly on the type of tank head you use. The tank is usually composed simply with some parts such as: Atomizer, coil, Cartomizer, …

The burner or tank is the accessory that plays a very important role in deciding your experience when smoking the Vape. The new good burner can create delicious smoke, just as the smoker wants. Currently, the types of burners are increasingly diversified models. However, not all burner tastes good, making you satisfied. Choosing good tasting vape tanks will make you extremely satisfied. 

2. Tank types play the best taste today

As VapePro mentioned, there are more and more new models in Vape tanks. Understanding the importance as well as the need for e-cigarette smokers with tank heads, companies have continuously created new quality tanks. Here are some of the best tasting tanks you should try:

Tank OCC

This is the most popular burner type with super simple usage. This tank type has pre-wound coil. You just need to attach the tank head to the machine and suck. For those who have never wrapped a coil before or have just smoked an e-cigarette, this tank is the ideal choice. You do not need to worry about changing cotton and winding the coil. However, OCC tanks are often expensive. You cannot build the coil yourself at will. When using up a new tank to replace it.

Tank RDA

The popular tank most popular with e-smokers is the RDA. This tank is also known as the RBA. This is a modern tank, you can change the cotton yourself and wrap the coil to create the desired taste.

To use, you just need to attach the tank to the machine, put the essential oil on the cotton and enjoy. This type of tank head gives a rich taste, the deliciousness of the essential oil is kept completely, very easy to absorb. Moreover, this tank head can taste extremely good, suitable for many different essential oils. However, the downside of the RDA tank is that there is no separate essential oil chamber, each time you want to suck you have to add more essential oil. 

RTA tank head

This is a small tank head, you can also build your own coil just like the RDA. However, the RTA tank is small in size, with a built-in oil chamber. Thus, when smoking, the user does not need to remove and add essential oils. This is a convenient tank head. The taste of the essential oil is quite standard, the smoke is much higher and thicker.

3. Note when using a Vape tank, where only a good price tank is sold

The types of tanks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the use that each person will suit a different type of tank head. If you specialize in Vape, RDA is a good choice. This tank head is also cheap, easy to buy. In particular, the best RTA tank head has a simple design, has an essential oil storage chamber, so if you are constantly busy, this is a reasonable choice. RDTA is a perfect choice to overcome both the disadvantages of RDA and RTA, but this tank price is not cheap.

Above are all VapePro shares about the best tank that you should not ignore. The new genuine Vape tank head can help you have a pleasant experience while smoking e-cigarettes. To be able to buy a good tank head, the VapePro is the ideal choice. Contact us now for more specific advice.

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