Vacuum Suction Cups


If you have ever owned a suction cup, you know that not all of them are made the same. Some are better designed than others, and others have better quality construction than others. This is especially true when it comes to glass. Glass is a very delicate surface, and using the wrong kinds of suction cups can leave permanent marks or scratches on your glass surface.

Instead of risking damaging your surfaces with substandard suction cups, we’ve done some research and found the top-rated vacuum suction cups for glass available today. These five products have been tested by consumers and expert reviewers as being able to hold up to even the most delicate of glass surfaces. 

So if you’re looking for a new set of suction cups, keep reading to find out which ones are worth your time and money!

What is a Vacuum Suction Cup?

Vacuum suction cups use pressure differences to function as grippers in manual or automatic handling applications. The suction cup and the connecting component make up this item. The component that makes direct contact with the workpiece is the suction cup. 

The vacuum suction cup is secured to the workpiece when the pressure exerted by the atmosphere becomes greater than the pressure exerted by the cup and the workpiece. The vacuum generator is connected to the suction cup to create this pressure difference. 

The air between the workpiece and the suction cup’s surface can be removed with this vacuum generator. In order to help create the vacuum, the suction cup that is in contact with the workpiece’s surface prevents air from entering from any side.

Best Glass Vacuum Suction Cups 2022

Let’s have a look at the factors that need to be taken into account when picking out the most appropriate vacuum suction cups for glass for your needs before we go on to review and compare the best vacuum suction cups for glass currently available on the market.


The vacuum suction cups for glass have to have a reinforced rubber design to withstand impacts from above and below, so you don’t have to worry about broken glass while removing air bubbles from inside it.

Safety Approved 

The highly durable vacuum cup has to be safety tested by consumer safety laboratories and is rated Class I G as well as UL Listed CE, which means it’s compliant with all relevant safety standards!


A vacuum suction cup will not break if it is pulled too hard on a glass surface. This makes it one of the best options when working on projects involving glass surfaces. 


Vacuum suction cups for glass are very lightweight and easy to carry around with you anywhere you go. It is also easy to use them to hold onto larger objects that are too heavy or too awkward to carry, like windows. 


You can reuse a vacuum suction cup indefinitely as long as it is used correctly and is not pulled away from a surface too hard.

Increase Efficiency 

Suction cups use a vacuum system to grip and move objects at various speeds. This allows operators to maximize efficiency by reducing the number of motions required to move an object within a space. 

Vacuum Application 

These cups are used in vacuum systems to grip and move objects, such as during pick-and-place applications. 

Energy Savings 

These cups use less energy than pneumatic lifting cups because they generate less pressure (approximately 20 psi).

No Contact Wear or Damage

Vacuum suction cups don’t apply pressure to surfaces as pneumatics do. This means there’s no contact wear or damage, which may not always be a concern, but it’s good to note. 

Great for Small Objects 

Vacuum suction cups are best suited for lifting small objects like sheets of paper because they can lift items from an angle without causing an object to pop off the vacuum surface.

Varying diameters

Common sizes for vacuum suction cups include 25 mm and 40 mm. Anti-stick material – Different materials can be applied to the surface of a vacuum suction cup to promote or reduce the adhesion of a given object to the surface. 

Versatile use

Vacuum suction cups are not limited to just picking up objects. They can also rotate, place, and remove them from workpieces or surfaces, which may vary depending on the diameter of the vacuum suction cup’s bore and the surface or object being gripped or placed.

According to the criteria outlined above, these particular vacuum suction cups are your best option for working with glass.


Glass cutting machines, glass edging machines, glass bevelling machines, vertical glass washers, insulating laminated glass machines, laminated glass machines, and glass glazing machines all use vacuum suction cups for glass to be moved. The ideal method for effectively handling glass, even for large or heavy glass components or workpieces without running the danger of shattering, is vacuum lifting and handling. To meet machine requirements, suction cups for the glass industry include plates that can also be ordered in a stiff form when used with a suspension bolt.

The suction plate seal on the EUROTECH MTC Suction Cup comes in a variety of lengths—short, medium, and long—and features a sealing lip and groove rubber support that makes it suitable for surfaces that are completely smooth or have a very mildly textured surface. A steel or aluminum foundation plate is a suitable drilling template for customer requirements. The MTC 1 is Eurotech’s patented suction cup protection cover for suction cup diameters of 100 to 115mm (3.9 to 4.5 in), temperature resistant from -80°C up to +130 °C.

Zuos Suction Cup

It is a heavy-duty vacuum suction cup for glass lifting plates with an 8″ diameter. Rapid adsorption on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Excellent for lifting and moving objects like furniture, metal, stone slabs, aquariums, plastics, engine valves, and glass, tile, and tiles.

Any vacuum loss is alerted to by the red-line indicator. When the red line appears, just pump the plunger with your thumb while lifting the cup to keep it in place. The suction cup pad is strong, odorless, and has an ergonomic grip that can withstand temperatures between -20 °C and 60 °C and hold the vacuum for six hours. The lifting capacity of this tool is between 125 and 500 lbs. (maximum). The check valve permits refilling while maintaining the remaining vacuum. A quick and complete release is possible with the release valve lever. The glass suction cup has received certification from CE, SGS, RoHS, and PAHS. two-year warranty of 100% customer satisfaction.

Tameson Glass Suction Cups

Vacuum suction cups from Tameson are available in various sizes and are used in pick-and-place operations. Vacuum suction cups are easy to make because they just have a rubber cup and a fitting. We have a large selection of vacuum suction cups that can be used in several different ways. They ought to be utilized along with a vacuum generator.

When picking up things that have uneven surfaces or are of varying heights, use vacuum suction cups with bellows. For grabbing objects with a flat, smooth, or slightly curved surface, use flat vacuum suction cups. Oval vacuum suction cups help grab long-shaped things.

The materials used to create vacuum suction cups include silicone, NBR, and CR. Different applications can be made of suction cups depending on their substance. While some materials work well for wood, glass, and plastic, others are better suited for electronics and packaging.

Anver Suction Cup

ANVER is a world leader in vacuum material handling technology and has a wide range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Depending on your needs, self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, electric vacuum lifters, and air vacuum lifters are all available with lifting capacities of 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more.

They have suction cups that work well with very hot materials like glass because they can handle high temperatures. It is possible to use suction pads for short periods at 752°F (400°C). Because of the special rubber pad material and the heat-resistant felt coating, the pads will not mar material surfaces. It is easy to change the rubber pad thanks to the large metal mounting plate. The replacement of pads and plate hardware should, however, be kept on hand in case of emergencies. The cooling process takes longer than replacing the pad. The center port measures G 3/8′′. 


In conclusion, the best vacuum suction cup for glass should have a high level of overall quality. It must be constructed from sturdy materials that won’t degrade or shatter if dropped on the floor. Strong enough to vacuum-clean an entire house or even towering structures, these cups are powerful and simple to use, requiring only a downward push of the cup’s lever to anchor it to a flat surface. 

After going through our review, you are now in a position to select the vacuum suction cups for glass that you would like to buy for yourself. It’s best to spend money on things that will serve your family well for a long time and won’t break the bank.