The best way to handle a boss who is giving you too much work

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Even the best employees may find themselves with a boss who gives them too much work to do in too little time. This can make it seem like you have no room to breathe, and your productivity suffers because of it.

Fortunately, there are ways to handle this type of boss, though they might require some patience and tact. Here are some tips on how to handle a boss who gives you too much work at work.

Brainstorm More Productive Solutions

If your boss is overloading you with work, first explain to him that his expectations are unrealistic. If he doesn’t listen, then agree on a realistic number of tasks and deadlines, or offer new ideas for improving productivity.

If you try all those things and still can’t find a middle ground, then it might be time to start looking for another job—before your current one wears out. As long as you’re working hard, no employer will hold an unhappy employee against you!

Think about Better Times in Life When Things Were Harder

Think about times in your life when things were harder, and remember that you got through them. Perhaps your problem seems large now, but will fade away with time. You just need some perspective.

Try Upping Your Own Game

The first thing to do if your boss overworks you is actually evaluate whether that’s really happening—or if your perception of their expectations are different from what they really are. This can be tough, but there’s no reason for it be adversarial.

Use Effective Communication Skills

Talk with your manager about any extra work or projects that seem uncharacteristic for your role. If it’s something you feel like doing and have time for, that’s one thing. But if it’s outside of what should be in your job description, tell your manager. Use words such as I don’t think these are appropriate expectations for my role. Can we talk about how to adjust my responsibilities?

Focus on Your Own Job Well Done

You can’t do your job well if you’re always worrying about what your boss thinks of your performance. It’s natural to feel nervous around those at higher levels than us, but remember that it’s your own job performance that matters most; they are looking out for their interests as well.

Just Don’t Go There

The easiest way to deal with an overbearing boss is to just not do what they tell you. Bosses are often lazy and don’t want to do their own jobs, so they delegate it on us. Don’t fall for it. If your boss gives you something that doesn’t need doing, either ask if it can be done later or simply don’t do it at all. You may lose your job, but hey, losing a job means no more work!

Ask for Help from an Experienced Colleague

If you have an experienced colleague, ask him or her to help by reviewing your workload. Not only will they be able to better prioritize your tasks and determine which ones are not as important, but they can also answer any questions you may have and offer advice on how to better manage your supervisor.

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