The Cost and Risks Related to Endermologie Buccal Fat Removal?


Getting rid of buccal fat

As part of facial cosmetic surgery, buccal fat removal, also called Bichectomia or Bichat balls reduction, is done. It means that Bichat’s balls are reduced in size, making the cheeks look more refined and permanently reducing their size. The buccal fat removal procedure reduces the amount of fat in the cheeks to make them look smaller.

For Cheek Reduction, the steps are

The process takes very little time. Within 30 minutes or less, you’re done with the surgery and ready to go with a whole new snatched look on your face.

Getting ready for surgery:

Before any surgery, the doctor makes sure the patient is ready. There are a lot of tests and pre-op medicine that need to be done before the surgery. It would be best to think about who will drive you to and from the hospital or clinic where the surgery will happen. Make sure to do this step because you might be in a bad mood after the surgery because of the anesthetic. Your doctor might ask you to do these things:

If your doctor or surgeon wants you to get some lab tests done, you should do them. These tests are done so that your doctor can see if you are healthy enough to have surgery.

  • Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol before surgery.
  • Aspirin or any other medicine that could make you bleed a lot should be told to your doctor.


Anesthesia will be given to you so that you won’t feel any pain. It comes in two types: local and general. So even though there won’t be any pain, you won’t feel any.


This cut will help get the buccal fat pad out of the cheek. The surgeon will put pressure on the buccal pad, which will remove it from the buccal cavity.

It’s called “sutures.” The cut will need to be closed. The skilled doctor will use sutures to close the wounds. This price may change depending on the case, the surgeon, the location, etc.

What are the risks of removing buccal fat?

Because bichectomia isn’t very dangerous, it’s a common procedure. However, there are a few things that could go wrong after a bichectomia:

• The appearance of hematomas after the surgery. It is a rare complication, but it can happen in some people who have their cheeks moved.

• Paralysis of the facial nerve or a mistake with its part that controls the flow of saliva inside the mouth.

• Asymmetry in the face.

There is a lot of talk about cosmetic surgery these days. Is it worth the money? The person who wants the surgery should answer this question. People used to judge each other if they had cosmetic surgery. That’s no longer the case. It is more of a fashion statement to have any cosmetic surgery, like fillers or Botox. In the end, everyone wants to have some surgery, or others do. The use of science and technology has made these procedures easier. You can get your face shaped permanently in less than an hour.

Getting over the procedure

There won’t be a long time to heal if proper care is taken. It is what you should do:

During the recovery process, drink liquid foods to keep your body going. A piece of solid food might make you put pressure on your jaw, which will open your sutures in the process.

  • Taking oral and topical medications that will help fight off infections.
  • It’s important to think about what the future holds, so change the bandage now and then.
  • Ask your doctor if there are any other things you should do.
  • It’s good to get rid of the fat in your cheeks.

The most important thing about removing buccal fat is that it makes the cheek look brighter. The face will look slimmer. People with a lot of buccal fat have a round face. Remove that fat with surgery.

Risks of removing the fat from the bottom of your mouth:

Ensure that the surgeon doesn’t cut too much fat out of your cheeks when you are young. When you get older, you will have a flat cheek because you have lost too much fat.


Following problems can happen after surgery if proper care isn’t taken, such as:

  • Lock the Jaw.
  • At least one hematoma.
  • A lot of bleeding: • A lot of bleeding:
  • Too much fat removal.
  • Damage to the Facial Nerves.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Not what you think will happen.

The cost of a surgery

How much it costs to remove buccal fat depends on many different things, but the cost can range from 1,50,180 rupees to 3,75,450 rupees. Expertise and experience also play a role in how much it costs to have surgery. It is a question the anesthesiologist needs to answer before the surgery. The most important thing to remember is that the insurance plan doesn’t pay for cosmetic surgery. You will have to pay for the surgery out of your pocket, so think carefully before having buccal fat removed.

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