Let us unravel the history behind the conceiving of the flow toys. The idea came into being in 1998 and was implemented in 2004. These started becoming popular between 2006 and 2008. It illuminated the lives of countless people around the world and brought people of all ages together in a focused and joyful practice.

The story of flow toys is mainly about Sean von Stade. Sean had boundless productive energy that helps him compulsively solve problems. With a great desire to serve the world. He used all the resources around him and didn’t feel that anything was impossible.

Since his childhood, Sean was intensely drawn towards extreme sports and martial arts. In the late 80s, after seeing Beastmaster, he was amazed by the infinite strike even though the need for the attack didn’t motivate him living in Connecticut.

Sean made The flow toys in his quest to create the best light staff for himself. He then tested a few of the available LED lightsticks and found that the coltronix streetlight was one of the best quality and price options. After running several experiments over the years, he used stocked polycarbonate tubing to hold the street light and a protective mesh sleeve initially produced to protect the industrial parts in transit and provide a cushion to the light sticks within the tube. 

He assembled two different caps to create an effective capping system that could retain the light and reduce the damping effect. He found out that the stock caps were only available in black and red colors, and the custom orders required a minimum of 4500 caps. 

Even though he had around 2000 friends at that time, he found that the costs were not huge and that he could sell a small percentage of them and cover the expenses. His adamant nature and support of family and Prisma helped him start the company.

The next challenge was considering the different names and choosing an attractive one to sell the products to a larger audience. Then he and prisna decided to name it flow toys which Sean’s sister initially suggested. Does the name have a ring to it? After documenting his establishment, he brought his prototype of the flow toys modular system to a burning man in 2004c, and that is when he knew that he was ready to share his invention with the entire world.

Another interesting fact about the company is that the original logo came to one of his friend’s dreams Kris Northern. Saun then worked with Kris and Prisma to launch the first flow toys website by the end of 2004, where they started selling several streetlight-based flow toys and flow wands. 

In 2005 he felt that to expand his business, he needed to move out of the warehouse and develop his light source that could meet the durability requirements for the equipment’s active flow and maintain sustainability requirements for his lifestyle commitments. By 2005 sean and prisna met the product designer and started a life-long partnership. 

That is when he first produced the flowing light within two years. The Flowlights then grew steadily over the years as an online business. Whereas Sean made the jigs, sourced-materials, managed suppliers, cut =-tubes and fiberglass Prisna sewed the handles, made the leashes and flow wands, and filled in all the orders. 

They created a sewing website and grew the business further; they moved to Berkley. It took around two years of designing, development, and prototyping to launch the product’s first pilot run in 2007. In 2008 they outgrew their living room, and by 2009 they launched the flow toys at EJC in Germany.

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