Most moles are nothing to worry about. But in certain situations, physicians will recommend that a mole be removed because it’s at risk of developing into cancer. In still other cases, one may wish to have a mole removed because of any cosmetic reasons or because it’s located in a spot where it’s in the way. Laser removal is a great option for those who seek a less invasive treatment. Laser removal of moles minimizes the chance of infection and speeds up healing. 

What Is Laser Moles Removal?

During laser moles removal treatment, bursts of light radiation will be directed toward the mole, breaking down the skin cells it is composed of. Because of the precision of laser treatment only the mole is removed, and surrounding tissue is left healthy and intact. This treatment is not a time-consuming process. Each mole removal might take a few minutes. There is no delay with this treatment, so patients are able to immediately return to their normal schedules. Most patients only need one-time treatment to remove the mole. 

What Will the Mole Site Look Like After the Laser Treatment?

After the laser treatment there will be a small red spot where the mole once was. The treatment site will likely be covered with a small, temporary dressing. A few days after the treatment a scab will form on the site. When that scab drops off a week later, the site where the mole was will be smooth. The spot will gently lighten and will continue to disappear over the coming months. The patients are advised not to wear makeup on treatment spots until after the scab has fallen off.

What Types of moles are Suitable for Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments should only be done on the moles for which no biopsy is needed. Laser removal is a good choice of treatment for the moles that are located in hard-to-reach areas, such as the face or ears. It is also a practical way to remove multiple moles in one treatment session.

The medical-grade lasers used in this treatment are powerful, small, and completely safe. The Premium Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre in Qatar is the well-known hospital for skincare in Qatar. Premium Naseem provides CO2 Laser treatment, which is an effective way to remove moles, warts and skin tags. The Co2 Laser is very effective to remove big, unsightly, and bothersome benign moles from your face and body. 

In Co2 laser treatment, the adept dermatologist uses Carbon laser for skin resurfacing and polishing. The Co2 treatment is basically preferred for scar reduction and pigmentation of certain types. 

However, the laser mole removal treatment does not involve cutting or burning the skin, infection is less of a risk and the rate at which the patient heals is much faster. 

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