Throughout the years, different diamond shapes or rings have been introduced but some of them remain timeless and classy. Buying a diamond ring with a popular shape not only affects the overall cost but also reflects your taste and awareness about the ever-changing trends. Here are some of the most popular diamond shapes:

The Ever-Lasting Round-Cut Solitaire

Whenever one pictures a diamond ring, they instinctively think of the round-cut solitaire ring! This image of a heavy carat weight stone is far more stunning in real life. The fifty-eight faceted, mighty ring shape has ruled all other cuts for centuries – now expert craftsmen can cut and curate the perfect round cut! With its fire and light flashing, blinding scintillation. This seems like the best shape to thrive and attract attention as a solitaire piece. Robust bands of the ring make for a more aesthetically appealing, dimensions revealing piece – with the exposed cuts, tables, and pyramidal geometry at the apex.

The Emerald and Asscher Cuts

We talked with Emily from FergusJames about the asscher cut. According to her, it takes a stark, 180 degrees turn from the former brilliant-cut round shaped diamond, the Emerald and Asscher cuts have distinct characteristics. These ethereal, lustrous, subtle diamond cuts may not possess the blinding, fiery flashes of their counterparts – but that is why precisely why they are loved and the most sought-after diamond cuts. Making a revolutionary comeback as one of the top trends of 2020, the emerald and Asscher cuts possess the royal, vintage, and unique beauty that is bound to make you stand apart from the crowd!

Emerald cuts exude the glamour of world that may be forgotten – but it still preserves the artistic and crafty appeal from the olden eras. The step-cut diamond, with a simplistic yet fantastical look, gives a culmination of modern sophistication meeting trailblazing art deco aesthetics. The mirrored stone, with a translucent and ethereal-feel, requires expert craftsmanship to avoid any bow-tie effect. Thus, the stone carries the weight of an era as well as ornamental mastery.

Asscher cuts are an antithesis of your over-sensationalized, over-hyped diamonds. These subtle, art deco era inspired diamond cuts are quickly becoming the modern woman’s favorite. If you are tired of seeing the unnecessarily glamourized fiery diamonds, then the Asscher cut shall be your savior. This sparkling diamond-cut preserves ancient cutting techniques in its geometry – with a higher crown, smaller table, and larger steps. Thus, giving it lesser translucency through more reflecting surfaces.

The Royal Princess and Cushion Cuts

For decades the sturdier princess and cushion cuts have been associated with royalty. These chunky pieces of jewelry, irrespective of their carat weight, exude unmatchable classiness, and hierarchy. Diamond rings containing princess and cushion cuts are symbolic of power, prominence, and elite taste – a status symbol. And this can be seen in the characteristics of this uniquely cut diamond shape. Taking its name from royalty, which is responsible for its popularity, the princess is a square-shaped brilliant cut. Its multiple facets, aligned with expert craftsmanship account for the kaleidoscopic scintillations. You can never miss a woman wearing a princess cut ring.

The cushion cut is another brilliant-cut diamond ring, but with softer edges and higher tables. Thus giving it a more compact, sturdier appearance that contributes to its magnificent brilliance. Cushion cuts become popular after they were donned numerous times by the modern elites.

The Endearing Pear and Marquise Cuts

These brilliant-cut diamonds have had a separate admiration from jewelry enthusiasts. Apart from the fact that they look stunning on long, slender fingers – they have endearing and deeper meanings associated with them as well. The pear cut diamonds are usually preferred in tints of blue; depicting the look of a teardrop. Thus, making it a sentimental and a prized position of your loved one. Whereas the marquise cut has a sleeker, more modern look. It makes the diamond stand out – even in the solitaire setting. Marquise cuts are unique and have always remained popular amongst the masses – also since they can be bought for cheaper compared to a diamond of the same carat weight.

Finally, your taste, personal style, and budget have a huge role to play in the type of diamond shapes that might appeal to you. But people tend to follow the trends more, these diamond cuts have always ruled the market!

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