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There’s something magical about the promise of van life. The call to explore the unknown, the enhanced mobility a properly outfitted van offers, and living life on the move are some of the things that might draw us in.

Still — when making a custom van build, there’s a lot to consider. For example, what are your van life goals? Do you plan to be on your own for most of the time, or are you bringing loved ones along with you? Will you be roughing it as much as possible, living a minimalist lifestyle — or are you looking for mobile comfort, amenities that you can take with you wherever you go? Will you build the van yourself or hire an Arizona campervan conversion company?

The goals you hope to accomplish can inform some of the most useful van conversion ideas. Here are some custom van building tips and what you might consider:  

1. Think About Capacity

An important first consideration is capacity. How many people do you envision staying in the van at one time? Do you hope to accommodate guests regularly? Factor in how much capacity you’ll need, and how often you’ll need it.

2. Think About Comfort

How much comfort will you want on the road? Consider the level of amenities that you might need to fit into your campervan spending on the level of comfort you need. For example, is an enclosed shower a necessity? What about air conditioning? What kind of toilet might suit your needs?

3. Think About Destinations

Additionally, consider climate control, all-wheel drive, and other factors that may be important depending on where you go.

4. Choosing the Right Platform

Another important factor is the van that you’ll be starting with. Factor in how much weight you might need to carry, the fuel economy of various vans, and how easily modified they are.

5. Climate Control

Remember that one of the great things about conversion vans is that they can help you explore so many places. Prepare ahead for changing climates and conditions, and consider how well insulated and prepared for varying temperatures the van will be.

6. Utilizing Space Effectively

Consider how you’ll make the best use of your space. Factor in the amenities you want, and how large they are. Some furniture items may be convertible — such as a bed that can fold into a table, to make more efficient use of space.

7. Powering Your Rig

Consider how much power you’ll need. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in warmer climates with a robust air conditioning system, you may need to opt for higher capacity deep cycle batteries.

The Bottom Line

A conversion van can be an amazing way to live, see the world, and wake up in a new place each day. But there’s a lot to consider. Some of the most important factors you might think about include the capacity you’ll need, what amenities you’ll want, where you might travel, what van you’re going to start with, how to maximize comfort in varying climates, how to effectively utilize your space, and how much power you’ll need. By carefully considering the factors that will impact your experience, you can position yourself for the best possible experience in your camper.

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