SAT is a popular exam known by most people in the world today, most especially high school students because it applies to them. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test and it is written by students to evaluate their language and mathematical skills through tests sections like Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics, and Essay. It is an exam used by most colleges and universities majorly in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India to make admission decisions.

The SAT covers many purposes. However, the main purpose of the SAT is to measure how prepared a high school student is ready for college. It tests the proficiency of students using different metrics. Usually, the test spans about 3 hours and 50 minutes, after that their score is calculated. Each college has a specific cut-off mark you must pass before you are considered for admission, and your score determines this. This is the reason why students prepared hard for this test. 

With the SAT coaching in Abu Dhabi, candidates undergo training under the guidance of industry led experts so that  they can get accepted into their dream college. There are also several other benefits of the SAT that goes beyond just getting accepted to college. Here are some benefits of taking the SAT.

1. Gaining Admission into Colleges 

As earlier mentioned, this is the main purpose of the SAT exam. Many colleges make SAT exams part of their criteria to admit students into their programs. They use this test as a means to evaluate students’ skills in terms of communication, English, language construction, writing, mathematics, etc. Each of these universities has specific benchmarks which you must overcome with your SAT scores before you can be considered for admission. Prestigious universities like Harvard University or California Institute of Technology have their benchmarks spanning between 1400 and 1600. This, however, is not the only criteria for getting admitted into these schools.

Due to covid, there has been a major impact on admissions. Colleges and universities have made SATs optional. You can always take it to have a better chance in these universities. Moreover, if you decide to change universities in the future, good SAF scores put you in a better position to get accepted. 

2. Eligible for Scholarship Programs

The SATs cover several countries around the world. Students taking these exams are likely planning to gain admission to universities outside of their native country. And the fact about it is, it is quite expensive to go to these universities. Several costs have to be considered. There are the visa application fees, tuition fees, accommodation fees, feeding, and several other fees, depending on the school or country you’re going to. 

However, SAT puts you a better chance to get to your dream University regardless of the costs. Students with extremely good SAT scores are eligible to get scholarships to study abroad. A survey found that 10% of students who take standardized examinations receive $20000 every year. Universities and colleges offer scholarship programs to help students who are not financially able but have good SAT scores. Most of the scores needed are 1000 and above.

Students should read the scholarship requirements of the schools they want to get accepted to have a clearly defined goal. Once this is set, they undergo some SAT coaching to get more prepared for the test.

3. Subject Choice

Each student has unique areas of weaknesses and strengths. Universities and Colleges aim to look at these areas to determine the best-suited course or program for students. Most times, there may not be sufficient sources to clearly define these areas of weakness and strengths. This is one benefit of SATs. 

SATs are divided into different sections which are reading, writing and language, mathematics, and essay. When SAT scores are released, there is a breakdown of what the student scored in each of the sections. This serves as an assessment method to understand students’ capabilities. This affects the students’ chances of getting into college. A student may be well-versed in mathematics and may apply for a course related to mathematics. Having a good maths score on the SAT displays the students’ capability in Mathematics.

4. Build a Career

SAT can be seen as a doorway to building a career of your choice. It opens several opportunities for you to connect with important personalities. Whatever score you have on your SAT follows you around, even till when you apply for your first job as you can place it in your CV. SAT scores are something to be proud of because they are held with much importance.

Moreso, being eligible for scholarships because of your SAF score puts you in a better position to build a career and connect with other people in your field. This way, you’re confident you’re on the right path to building a sustainable and successful career.

5. Elevates your GPA

In most universities, SAT scores can be used to compensate for your GPA score most especially for students with lower GPAs. Some universities do not accept students if they do not meet the GPA criterion for admission, however, they consider them if they have a higher SAT score. Universities like Harvard University consider students like this as well.

Moreover, SAT scores display your skills, and your ability to answer questions in tough conditions in the shortest possible time. Most universities have entrance exams before they admit students to evaluate them in these areas. However, with a good SAT score, you can be exempted from further examination. SAT is a great chance to enter universities easily even with a low GPA and lack of funds. It is already a display of your capability.

To Sum it Up

SATs are very essential, especially for students starting in life. This is one of the first steps they can take in building a solid feature for themselves. The good is, that SATs are more affordable than you think. Anyone can write in and still rewrite as many times as possible. You can begin your career today by applying for an SAT.