The Tastiest Jack in the Box Menu Items that Offer the Best Bang for the Buck


At Jack in the Box, the folks there fully subscribe to the basic principles of fast food. The food should be prepared quickly, the items ought to be affordable, and yet the food should taste good enough.

That’s why you have plenty of bargains here. You can even enjoy a chicken sandwich deal for $2, while some burgers cost less than $3. But if you truly want full value for your money, start with these items:

Sourdough Jack

Jack in the Box has made a good name for itself with their lineup of burgers. In fact, many experts rank them higher in the list of the best chain burger restaurants than McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. And among the burgers that Jack in the Box offers, the Sourdough Jack is far and away the tastiest of the lot.

You just have to overlook that it doesn’t really look like a burger. After all, instead of the usual bun, you get slices of properly toasted sourdough bread. Between the bread pieces, you have 2 slices of melty Swiss cheese that envelops the beef patty.

Then you have the tomato slices, along with the yummy bacon strips. After the final topping of mayo and catsup, you’re good to go.

So, just how good is this burger? It’s so good that when Jack in the Box played a prank on April Fool’s Day by announcing the discontinuation of the Sourdough Jack, the announcement caused an absolute panic. But you won’t have worries with this in hand—the day just seems better with a taste of the Sourdough Jack.

Two Tacos

A taco is a taco, right? Even if there are 2 of them, most tacos aren’t really all that special. In fact, some purists complain that this taco looks inauthentic, aside from being just plain unappealing.

But you don’t really judge food by how it looks. The test is in the testing, and these Two Tacos pass the test with flying colors. Inside the crunchy shell, there’s a truly great combo of ingredients that include the American cheese, lettuce, and hot sauce to go with the taco meat.

It’s a true classic, and it’s why it’s been on the Jack in the Box menu since the 1950s. There are also two of them, because they also know that once you’ve tried the taste of the first taco, you will want the second right away. Not bad for $1.40 for the 2 tacos.

Strawberry Shake

Sure, you do have the classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla among your shake options at Jack in the Box. There’s even a shake that features Oreo Cookies. But it is the Strawberry Shake that really deserves the spotlight.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this Strawberry Shake is just so darn good. It’s true that the taste is just unique, and it’s unlikely that you’ve ever tried this flavor.

If we have to describe it, we just have to say that the sweetness level is just right. It’s sweet, but not overly so. At the same time, it offers a subtle level of tartness that makes you want another sip.

Purists will argue that this isn’t really authentic strawberry flavor. That’s probably true, bolstered by the fact that there aren’t any strawberry pieces in the shake. But it’s still so addictively good, regardless of what name you call this flavor.

Seasoned Curly Fries

Plenty of Jack in the Box fans know that you don’t order the regular fries when you want a side order with your burger. But it’s a different matter with the Seasoned Curly Fries. Plenty of people say that it’s the best option among all the side items, even over the Jack’s Classic Roost Fries and the Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges. These items are also terrific, but the Seasoned Curly Fries are just better.

One of the main advantages of the Seasoned Curly Fries is that you don’t end up with a mess when you eat them. And while the curly fries look nice, it’s the taste that’s the real winner. That’s due to the great seasoning that will cause you to want this again and again. Factor in the fact that this is really cheap, and you’ll get a lot of bang for the buck. You might even get a second order without hesitating.

NY Style Cheesecake

Okay, let’s admit that at first glance, there’s nothing really special about the NY Style Cheesecake. You don’t get unusual flavors or eye-catching package colors, and it’s even a bit too small for some folks. It’s actually a simple option—you have the crust made from graham crackers, and then you get the filling.

It may seem simple, but that filling is just fantastic. It’s alluringly rich and creamy, and every bite will reward you. You might wish that it was bigger, but even in its small size, it’s worth every penny.

Have fun with your visit to Jack in the Box, and appreciate the bargains available!

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