Without water, human beings cannot survive, and there would be no life on earth. All animals, human beings, plants need water to support their living. From washing dishes to watering the plants, water consumption is a significant part of every household. Industries and factories cannot operate without water and need water for performing even a small activity. Even the minute changes in replacing the faulty faucets, taking shorter showers, and using less water while cleaning will reduce our water consumption to a great extent.

We human beings dot even realize we are the main culprits in the scarcity of water. Between the old appliances, faulty plumbing, and old habits, it is no misconception a typical Indian household is wasting a lot of water. If we wish to contribute to our environment, we can look into the various ways to store water. A rain barrel system has gained a lot of popularity in the contemporary world. The rainwater is collected and held from the roof that would otherwise have been lost and carried away by storm drains and streams. The water that is collected can be used for household purposes and thereby reduce the amount of water flowing from our property. Installation of the rain barrel is the need of the hour as our earth faces water scarcity. So let us discuss few benefits of the rain barrels:

Reduced water bills: A rainwater barrel is a container with added features that captures water draining from the roof. The water bills are reduced to a manifold extend as the barrels collect 50 to 80 gallons of water. This water can be utilized for watering the lawns and for meeting the landscaping requirements of the house. They provide you with free access to water, which gets replenished repeatedly for no additional cost.

Prevent rainwater runoff: The rain barrels can reduce the rooftop runoff by directing water flow to the vegetated areas. They reduce the pollution in the environment by storing the water and decreasing the total amount of runoff water, thereby conserving the water bodies.

Water supply during the drought period: The fundamental function of rain barrels is to store water in the rainy season and then use that water in the drier period of the year. Storing rainwater is helpful at the time of water restrictions and scarcity. It is also beneficial when the waterfalls short for the garden and enough requirements are not met.

Healthy plants: Rainwater is safe and healthy for plants. The tap water contains minerals, salts, and chemicals, which are not suitable for the growth of plants. Rainwater is oxygen-enriched and soft. With minimal chemicals, rainwater is the healthiest choice for the lawn area and potted plants.

Prevents soil erosion: Rain barrels by storing water helps slow down the gutter runoff and reduce soil erosion. The water that is collected can be used for irrigation purposes. The topsoil can be depleted can be through the rainwater runoff and take away the essential nutrients. Thus, the rain barrels play an indispensable role in preventing soil erosion and retaining its quality.