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Dubai is not only renowned for its skyscrapers, sandy shores, and luxurious shopping; it is also the home of a thriving art scene. The city hosts numerous galleries which feature artists who have mastered the art of illustration, sculpture, and painting. 

A Glossy Exterior

Resting in one of the most important regions in the world, the UAE is a melting pot of cultures and religions. It is home to a plethora of ancient architecture and natural wonders, an eclectic collection of museums and galleries, and plenty of historical artifacts to indulge in. Dubai (and UAE) is a destination that boasts appearances, but beneath its gloss lies substance.

Luxury Living

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Dubai is a city for entrepreneurs, celebrities, and the wealthy. It is a playground for those who want to enjoy the glitz and glamour of life in a modernized place. There are countless ways to explore Dubai, from the many world-class restaurants and hotels to the world’s top-rated beaches. The city is host to several annual celebrations that attract business travelers, such as the World Travel market and World Government Summit.

Retail Heaven

Luxury shopping has long been a topic of conversation in Dubai. The city is home to some of the world’s most luxurious brands. Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, and Valentino are some of the top brands that can be found in the high-end stores located throughout the city. In addition to these major luxury tours, there are many independent boutiques that carry a variety of items such as art pieces, perfumes, and designer shoes.
Dubai can be summed up in one word: ostentation. Whether it be the palatial hotel rooms, the expensive super cars, or the extravagant shops, Dubai is synonymous with excess. 

Your Holiday palace

Dubai’s hotels are as varied and exciting as the city itself. The Armani Hotel Dubai is minimal and modern, while the Al Maha Resort is tastefully decorated with a Bedouin theme. The famous One & Only Palm Dubai is located on the artificial archipelago of the Palm Jumeirah and consists of lavish suites with pristine white sand beaches for a romantic getaway.

Decadent Pampering

Treat yourself to a unique spa experience at any one of Dubai’s eclectic spas, each offering superior services and world-class products. There are several types of spas in the city, including traditional establishments that offer a wide variety of services, such as the Assawan Spa, to more specialized venues, like the Amara Spa, which features a rain room and ice igloo.

Exhilarating Entertainment

While Dubai is known to have a nightlife that rivals most cities, it is also a safe city with cultural hubs, museums, and parks that make this a great place to visit with the whole family. The city offers exciting activities for visitors of all ages, including adventure sports at the beaches or milder experiences such as visiting the aquarium or shopping at one of its many malls.

A Cultural Heart

Amidst the lavish modern attractions and entertainment options in Dubai, visitors can explore a quieter side of the city that values its cultural heritage. The Old Town district is home to old Islamic buildings and museums, as well as art galleries, shops, restaurants and other businesses that respect the traditions of the past. The Old Town area is also where they will discover enchanting Jumeirah Mosque, which has an attractive Arabic design and welcomes visitors from all cultures and religions.

As Far as the Eye Can See

Dubai is famous for many things, and its world-famous skyscrapers are a chief part of its identity. The most impressive of these skyscrapers is Burj Khalifa, the tallest manmade structure in the world and an icon of the Dubai skyline. Visitors can begin their adventure by taking a seat in one of the world’s fastest elevators to reach the 124th floor of the tower.

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