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As time passes by, as homeowners we normally plan for bathroom renovations. The main objective is not just to have a beautiful home, but a safe one as well. We all dream of having renovations that are practiced at the same time efficiently. Renovations take a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of money. Having these changes with lesser of the effort, time and money feel like winning the jackpot.

A simple yet challenging project to start is doing a bathroom renovation. In this article we will be discussing them and how we can avoid having plumbing mistakes while re-modelling our bathrooms.

What the Plumbers Advise

bathroom renovations

The first thing on the list is finding a trusted plumber for these repairs. An emphasis on the term trusted. It is very difficult to find one, but through recommendations, you may be able to find one that meets and suits your needs.

To be able to start your renovation, the plumber should start inspecting the existing plumbing in the bathroom. From there he may be able to detect any materials that need repairs or replacement. It is very important to have a good plumbing foundation.

Old water supplies should be replaced when doing a renovation. In doing an ideal bathroom renovation, one must replace everything that is more than a decade old even if it’s still working. This ensures a leak-free installation and also this is to minimize expenses in the future.

This has something to do with drains, whether it is bathtub drains, shower drains, or sink drains. The venting, the method of ensuring that water flows and exits the system efficiently, should be done properly. Whether replacing an old sink with a new one, a bathtub to turn into a shower area.

Most re-modeling in the bathroom involved changing a single sink to a double vanity sink. Similarly with the drains, the venting must also be done properly. Install proper fittings in the double sink to ensure that the water will flow smoothly for both sinks.

A common concern with venting is when the spacing of the crown vent going up from the trap vent is not done properly or worse, there are no vents at all. This can be heard if there are bubbling sounds from the sink or the toilet it means the contraptions in the system need air. It meant the venting was not done poorly.

Another thing to consider checking is when there are clogged. Normally clogs are trapped in fittings and in order to remove the clog, it has to be snaked. The term normally used by plumbers is “snake the drain”.  It is recommendable to use a shorter fitting since it creates a lesser angle and it will be easier to clean and remove the clog from the fittings.

With these tips in mind, it may seem that it is costly. However, think of these tips as measures to ensure that when you do a project renovation, you are not just decorating but making sure that it lasts longer. This is a cost-efficient way in the future.

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