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Are you looking to learn guitar and become an expert in playing the instrument? If so, then you must take on the guitar lessons for beginners, which will help you to learn the instrument in a better way. When you take on such classes, you need to understand a lot of things, which will help you to learn the instrument smoothly. You need to buy a basic instrument as a beginner, as you start with the lessons. 

Crucial Information 

  • You need to know that there are two chords of the guitar- minor and major
  • The chord is referred to when two or more notes are played
  • A letter is referred to name the major chords. To define the major chord, the letter G is being used. 
  • The minor chords are being named with the letter “m”. 

Holding the guitar 

In this lesson, the most common ways of holding the guitar are covered, while there are multiple ways, by which you can hold the guitar. When you place the guitar on the right leg, it is the most casual way of holding the instrument. You need to pull it close to the body if you are a right-handed person. Often as a novice guitar player, you tend to slide the guitar down, so that you can see what is going on. It is essential to avoid such things. It is also necessary to sit up straight and pull the instrument close to the body. 

Understand the numbering system 

When you are taking the guitar lessons for beginners, you must understand the numbering system. Let’s check them out. 


Frets are referred to as the metal strips that lie along the neck of the guitar. If you are a right-handed person, the further fret will be on your left. It is called the first fret. When you begin to learn the scales and chords, it is essential to understand the frets as well. ‘


On the fretting system, the numbering system for the fingers is very critical while being simple at the same time. The pinky finger will be your fourth finger, while the ring, second, and first will be your third, second, and first finger. To make the chords, you need to learn the placement of fingers which is important. 


The strings come as the final part of the guitar. While the thickest string is the sixth string, the thinnest one is the first string. 

Learn in a disciplined manner 

When it comes to beginner guitar lessons, there is a clear difference between fooling around with the instrument and practicing with the instrument seriously. While the former can cause disappointment, the later will help you to learn various things. It is necessary to talk with the other players if you are facing creative block and face practice motivation. 

It is necessary to keep a fixed time for practicing the tunes and chords since you are a beginner in guitar lessons. You need to be much disciplined in the practice and try to correct the mistakes in the practice. In this way, you can learn the instrument and at the same time can assess the achievements. 

Basic Strumming procedure 

In this section, you will come to understand the strumming technique and guitar pick, which are two important aspects, when it comes to learning the lessons. 

Pick of the guitar 

Often there is a question regarding the type of pick to be used. As per experts, it is necessary to use the standard shaped and medium thickness pick, when you start with the beginner guitar lessons. The thickness of the pick should be around .73mm. You can switch over to the thinner picks, after sometimes. Once you become the master of the instrument, you will be able to choose the picks you want. You can also do the strumming, by the use of index finger and thumb. 

Holding the pick 

It is also necessary to know the ways to hold the pick. You will start to experiment, only after you practice with the generic one. Before coming down on the pick with the index finger, it is necessary to place the pick on the pad of the thumb. 

It is necessary to stay relaxed when you start to strum by holding the pick. When strumming, novice learners always find it difficult. Hence, it is necessary to hold the pick correctly. It will provide you more constancy and control at the same time. It is necessary to experiment with various pick grips and check the smoothness. 

Attention to the various nuances and dynamic 

It is essential to know when to emphasize a certain note when you are strumming the chord. It is a very essential point when you are taking the guitar lessons for beginners. 

Technique of strumming 

There are several techniques of the strumming when you start to learn the guitar. Let’s take a look at it. 

Up strokes 

Often when you are taking the initial lessons on guitar, the upstrokes are very difficult. You don’t have to strum through all the six chords when you are doing an upstroke. When you are playing the upstrokes, you need to use the 3 to 5 strings. When you are playing a song, it is necessary to pick perfect pick, so that you will be able to provide the accurate up strokes at the time of strumming. You can find it difficult to play the upstrokes if you dig too much with a pick. 


It is necessary to play the instrument for four to five times when you are playing with a song. It is one of the tips, which the experts will tell, as you take the guitar classes for beginners. You need to hear the count like one two three and four. The count of strumming should be just like that. With such counts, you need to practice the downstrokes. You are strumming the whole notes, as you do this. It is necessary to practice both the upstrokes and downstrokes, on every counting. You will be strumming the quarter notes if you strum on each number.

 Training the ears in an active way

It is necessary to associate its sound with something when you are learning the scale or chord. Since the experts will teach the beginners to associate the vibes, most of the players can identify the sound of the dominant mode. With the theme music, you are bound to engage the sound of the acoustic scale, if you are learning and practicing with such types of instrument. If you cannot tell which notes are being played, these associations will help you to identify the scales and chords. 

Playing with other musicians 

To train yourself as a perfect guitarist, you need to play with other musicians. You need to get accustomed to the chords and tunes of other instruments. With other musicians, you need to find your rhythm. It is necessary to attach yourself with the best musicians when you are practicing the guitar. 

Ask for advice 

When you are practicing as a beginner, you need to get some expert advice. It will help you to understand, whether you are practicing in the right way after taking on lessons in guitar classes for beginners. Such information can become handy when you gradually learn to play the instrument.

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