Skunks are quite beneficial in your yards, they feed on harmful pests. However, many people do not prefer skunks because of their notorious odour and ability to dig beneath foundations. If you are planning skunk removal, there is an integrated control plan.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while skunk removal.

  • Eliminate food and shelter

The first and the most important step is to eliminate any sources of food and shelter in your yard. The first step is removing elements from your yard that may be attracting skunks in the first place. If you eliminate these elements, they will probably seek them somewhere else and not in your yard. Eliminating sources of food and shelter means:

  • Cleaning up fallen berries, fruits, and seeds
    • Rake up leaves or grass in which seeds or other foods may be buried
    • Keep in mind to remove the garbage and use tight-fitting lids on your trash cans
    • Always close off access to sheds, barns and poultry houses
    • Try getting rid of woodpiles, junk piles, hollowed logs, and any other debris in which skunks might take shelter
  • Identify areas of damage

It is important to become familiar with the skunk’s behaviour and the damage they cause, this will help you determine the best control method. Common skunk habits are:

  • Living under a barn or shed
    • Borrowing underneath the  lawn or yard
    • Digging in the lawn for insects and leaving small cone-shaped holes
    • Eating your fruits and berries
    • pilfering the trash
    • raiding the poultry house

You can learn about more of skunks’ behaviours on the Internet. This will help you track and identify damage.

  • Choose the right control method

When you become aware of the skunk activity in your yard, you can use multiple skunk control methods. The control method will depend upon the type of damage they cause and the size of their population in your area. Here are some of the best control methods.

  • Live skunk trap

It is one of the great solutions for getting rid of resident skunk that has taken shelter in your yard. Skunks, when threatened, are known to spray. This is why many people hesitate to use this method; however, it is one of the best methods for a stubborn animal. You can take a few steps from getting sprayed, like, holding a large towel or sheet in front of you, down to your toes as you walk towards the trap. You should approach a trapped skunk calmly to avoid startling the animal. Also, drop the towel or sheet over the cage once you reach it.

  • Skunk repellent

The skunks navigate and seek out food using their acute sense of smell. Thus, by disturbing their sensitive noses with the help of skunk repellent, you can drive them away from certain areas.

  • Electronic repellence

An electronic repellent is designed to frighten the passing animals. It is a great solution for conditioning skunks to stay away from the protected areas. Electronics is an eco-friendly solution, which can be used to protect a wide range of areas.